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Colour: Black Brown Clear Orange Red White

Area: Asia Minor, Brazil, India Russia

Appearance: Opaque, sometimes banded sometimes solid colour.

Structure type: Trigonal Micro Crystaline contains Onyx, Chalcedony and Carnelian..


Astrological Signs: Aries

Sardonyx healing crystals can be used for protection. Known as the crystal of virtue, it was used in the breastplate of the high priests. Brings Vitality to relationships, provides you with courage, It is an especially good crystal for bring stability and happiness to relationships and marriage. Also good for providing stability in business partnerships.

Fosters luck attracts friends and good fortune. Increases stamina and vigor, absorbs negativity. A good crystal to use for grids around homes and business, especially in highly populated areas to help prevent crime.

Sardonyx encourages stability and confidence, it is and uplifting crystal helping to ease depression.

Enhances willpower and strengthen the character. The healing properties of Sardonyx crystals help us with our self control. It also improves perception, lessens hesitancy provides us with courage, absorbs negativity, and grounds energy. Sardonyx can also be used to purify objects and the mind and stimulate the senses,

Ailmentsthat Sardonyx Crystals healing properties may assist are problems with lungs and bones it will also help to regulates fluids and stimulate cell metabolism and will also aid in strengthening the immune system, helps to fight infections, aids hearing and back pain also helps to ease nightmares and conditions of the stomach.


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No claims made: The proported powers are gathered from vaious source, books, crystal lore, writing, discussion groups

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