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Issue #8. 15th, May 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello Again,

I hope this finds you all well, I must apologise for not having the meditation up and running, but I ran into a little snag, I could not find any background music for the meditation, I got in touch with someone to ask about using their music for this purpose, but the cost was prohibitive. I have a few sounds of nature that I have taped and tried to use them, but as my sound equipment is last century to say the least, this did not prove very effective. I was becoming desperate for some background music, I tried to record the meditation without any background music and it did not feel right. So I had a bright idea, my daughter has an old casio piano that we brought her about 20 years ago, with no other option I decided to write some music myself, now don't get too excited, I have to warn you that I am not at all musically inclined, my family while not openly discouraging me suggested that there must be some other way around this problem, believe me I wish there was. Anyway when I was home alone as the saying goes, I put together some background music. I know that it is not going to shake up the music world and some of you might find it in my husbands word a little bit slow, but hey it the best I can do and believe me I never thought I would record music to be played on my site, I keep telling everyone that I do not have an artistic bone in my body. Anyway I asked the Crystals and the Universe for help and we came up with something that I can live with(sorry to all the musicians out there). I will have the meditation up on site by the end of this week. Will send you all an email. I would really appreciate any feedback that you can give me. I do take critisism very well, I really like to hear if there is something that people do not like or feel could be improved, after all I am always learning and never over look anything that may not only improve my life but others as well. So please let me know what you honestly think, I am not sure if my voice is suited to reading the meditations that I write and perhaps I need someone else to read them. You always think that what you do is fine and seem to overlook things when examining your own work. This is the sort of thing that I would like you to let me know about.

What do you think of the new colour scheme for the site, got a bit sick of the grey navigation bar. And I thought that a few Healing Crystal pictures would liven some of the pages up a bit. Things should start to get a bit quieter around here now, my daughter has moved into her new house, which is just around the corner from us. No more packing and cleaning and preparing a house for sale, well at least for a while. I am also working an a couple of projects that should enable me to present you with information on how to use crystals better. More on that later. Want to keep it up my sleeve for the moment.

Don't forget to check out the site map it will be quicker to get to a particular item that you want, without having to go through all the links.

Love and Light
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Crystal healing wands are not normally formed naturally. Single point terminators will sometimes be rounded on the base, but usually they are cut from larger crystal blocks. Rounding the base allows it to be used as a massage tool directly on the skin. You can use healing wands to ease tension anywhere in the body; they work very well on the head, feet and hands.

Other uses for wands is scanning the aura to detect blockages, the wand can be then be used to remove the blockage in a number of ways.

As Quartz Healing Crystals are both Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric you can change the polarity of the crystal when it is subjected to either pressure or heat. The tip will turn from being normally positive and receiving to negative and so emitting energy from the tip. This I have found is very good for working on a particular area; you can concentrate the energy in a tight beam and so maximize the healing effect.

I have used crystal healing wands in a number of ways and in a variety of crystal types. Again be guided by your intuition and not by what others say is the right way to do things.

To Scan the Aura follow the method below (again you can vary if you feel the need).

    1. Take the wand in your dominant hand, holding the point towards the client.

    2. Pick a starting point and begin moving the wand slowly around the body, making note of any areas that feel different.

    3. Sometimes you may feel the wand is hard to move, sometimes it will vibrate slightly. These feelings usually indicated blockages.

    4. After you have finished Scanning the Aura, go back and work on the blocked areas, using either the wand or any crystals that you feel necessary.

Remember to let your intuition guide you there is no right or wrong way to do this.

I have about eight different sizes and crystal varieties of healing wands; you can find photos of some of them in the photo gallery.

You will find that you work with some wands more than others, for me this is just a feeling of comfort and Quartz Crystal Healing Wands are very versatile for healing work.

I will be adding some photos to the website to show you how to actually scan the aura.
I will let you know when these are up and running.

Love and Light

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Using healing crystals when meditating can be very beneficial. They crystals enhance your ability to gain information about previous lives, solve problems, find your guides, communicate with the spirit world, magnify you psychic abilities, help develop things like clairvoyance, clairaudience, take you on many journeys to learn and discover just what you are capable of and where you are heading.

If you are going to use healing crystals in meditations, you may like to hold them in your hands, place the on your lap if you are sitting, or on your body if you are lying down.

You can also place the healing crystal in front of you on the floor or table, you can have a candle burning, also oils if you like, I would stay away from incense as it can become a little strong and I have found that it tends to bring you out of your meditation (this has only been my experience and you may find that incense is fine for you).

There are any number of healing crystals that you can use for meditation depending on what you are trying to achieve in your meditation. I have provided you with a brief list below just to help you get started.


Recognize origin of disease, healing, spiritual development, raising of consciousness


Past lives, deepens meditation, devic worlds


Angelic realms, enlightenment


Akashic records, astral travel, gazing, past lives


Soft meditative state allowing for emotional clarity and grounding


Protection while astral traveling


Goals, relationships


Past lives, direction


Group meditation, decision making


Goals, spirits, angels.

As you can see these are just a small sampling of the crystals that can be used in meditation.

Again I cannot emphasize enough about trusting your intuition in these things, just try what you feel you need.

Love and Light
Colleen =============================================================================================================


Sorry no questions and answers this month. Will double up next month to make up.
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