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Issue #7. 15th, April 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello Happy Easter to one and all, lost track of the dates again, think I will need to employ a crystal to help with my memory Well lets see what has been happening in my world lately. Not much just the usual, cooking, cleaning, writing, loving life and having a wonderful time with the family. Can't complain about that. O.K. this month I have written two articles for you, I know that you can find out about storing crystals on the website, but I have written this article for those who may not have read it yet, and I felt I had to write it. Also one on Elixirs I feel very strongly about how they should be prepared and I have given you the only way I believe to be safe in preparing elixirs.
The meditation is just about ready to go up on the site so keep an eye out for that I will try to send you all a note when it is up and running. You should be able to download it and play it whenever you feel like it.
We have questions and answers again this month, a couple of very interesting questions arose through the month I think you will find them interesting.
Don't forget to check out the site map it will be quicker to get to a particular item that you want, without having to go through all the links.

Love and Light
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Many people want to know how to store their Crystals. There are a number of theories on this, some say that they should be stored in little pouches away from view, some say in wooden boxes others yet again recommend in drawers, most it would seem have you place your crystals out of sight. I and many others do not go with these theories, below are my ideas and how I store my crystals.

Here I must say that when I was starting out with Healing Crystals I too used to store them away (this is not to say this is the wrong way, remember there is no wrong way with crystals, just go with what you are comfortable with), I was got an uncomfortable feeling every time I placed my crystals away from sight and consequently away from people.

Because I had a lot of crystals it was not always possible to have them all out on display, so I began rotating them, placing some around the house where it felt right and the others I would leave in their boxes.

I noticed that the crystals gave off a vibration that I like to call happy whenever they were out and about, the feeling in the house definitely lifted with the crystals placed about. I still was not happy about this method but had not option for quite a few years.

We decided to move into town and so we sold and started looking for a new home. When we walked into our present home both my husband and I felt and immediate rapport with it, a coming home if you like, and you wouldn't believe it, right along one side of the hallway where glass display shelves, both of us said the crystals will look great in there.

Not only had we found a new home but so had the crystals, I know that may seem corny to some of you but that just how it was.

I placed the crystals into this wonderful new home and you could feel the difference in them almost immediately, you could feel the love and happiness just flowing into the home.

When people come they immediately go to the crystals and look, some because they love the feeling coming from them, others who do not want to admit it even to themselves just say they want to see what new hocus pocus stone I have now, every one always has a smile on their faces when looking at the crystals.

The glass cabinets are lock but only for a couple of reasons, I have my young grandson with me a lot of the time and some of the crystals are very small and could be swallowed, and some of them are toxic, so this is a precaution only.

There is a line of thought that only the crystal "owner"(more on this in another issue) should touch the crystals, what a lot of poppycock! I let anyone and everyone handle my crystals and the crystals and the people just love it.

I do take precautions with the ones that are toxic and delicate I place them on a piece of glass and then hand them to the person. I would not give a toxic crystal to a child to hold, but anything else is fair game, even the delicate ones I have never had one damaged or broken yet, children are far more understanding and opened about crystals than adults and most have a natural instinct for their healing abilities. Josh my grandson often asks for a crystal, he will play with it and then return it when he is finished, he as also chosen crystals for his mother and myself as well as other members of our family. Let the kids go with the flow you may be surprised.

I know that I seem to have wandered a bit, but I have warned you that I get of the track sometimes and need a shove to get back on, I just got a shove so to speak, so as for storing your crystals, my thoughts are out in the open where you and they can be together and you will notice a difference in the environment around you and in yourself and even the crystals will change and grow. I am not going to tell you anymore about that I want you to find out for yourself, it's a wonderful thing to see.

Again before I go remember there is no wrong or right way with crystals (except toxic ones and magnetic ones), just the way that feels right for you. Remember follow your intuition

Love and Light

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There are as many ways to make Crystal Healing Elixirs as there are ways to clean your healing crystals. I only subscribe to one method as for me it is the safest one available. You do not need to worry about whether the crystal is toxic or if the crystal will dissolve in water.

  • All you need is a glass container.
  • A quantity of spring water, I do not recommend tap water as it can contain additives.
  • The Healing Crystal or Crystals that you wish to use to make the elixir.

    • Take the water and place it into the glass container and seal the container.
      Place the container with the water in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
      Next take the Crystal or Crystals and program them for what it is you require of them
      Then place the programmed crystals next the glass container NOT IN THE GLASS CONTAINER.
      Leave them for about 5 hours if you feel the need to leave them longer please do so.

    You may the use the elixir as you see fit.

    You will need to make a new batch about every seven days. (I find that sometimes the elixir does not stay fresh after this length of time. It can be kept in the fridge if you like).

    Elixirs can be used for any number of things, they can be used to treat Stomach Ulcers in this case you would use healing crystals like, Peridot, Rhodonite, Sunstone and Siberian Blue Quartz.

    I would use about seven drops three times a day, but again this is up to you and the person taking the elixir.

    Elixirs are also useful for skin conditions such as Eczema here I would bath the affected areas with the elixir as often as needed. Healing Crystals for this purpose would be Phosphorite, Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

    As with both these methods you can use one or all of the crystals combined.

    The uses for elixirs are unlimited just use your intuition. BUT make sure that the person whom you are treating is happy to use this method.

    You can also use your Healing Crystals to enhance herbal remedies, and bush flower and Bach flower remedies as well.

    I will be putting an article on the website in a few days describing how to make a cream with the crystals.

    Love and Light
    Colleen =============================================================================================================


    Q. Someone in one of the crystal groups I belong to asked how to clean the oil from crystals that had been used in massage treatments.

    A. The way I do it is to get some soil add water and make a muddy slurry, cover the crystal with the slurry(go on use Your hands it feels great), rub the slurry all around the crystal and then wash it of in running water this should remove the oils left from the massage. If you feel that you want to wash the crystal after this then I would recommend using Castile Liquid Soap, it is a natural cleaner, I use it in the shower and bath and to wash my hair as it has no chemicals in it.

    Q. What Crystals would be best to use for Gall Stones

    A. I have found that the following Healing Crystals work very well for this condition Carnelian, Iron, Magnesite and Pitchstone.

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