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Issue #6. 15th, March 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Healing Crystals: A Special Story

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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello This months article is going to be something different, or then again maybe not. This weekend, we had some drama around here. we had a wildfire go through an area that is very close to Ballarat. We had to help my son Greg and his partner Olivia to evacuate their property. I had an article already for this months newsletter, but do you think I can find it, not on your life, so here I was thinking what am I going to put into my newsletter, all of a sudden I thought that you might like to know about the weekend and how I made use of crystals in this emergancy situation. There will be no questions and answers this month either. Please if you would like to ask something just let me know. I will answer you privately, but will also include it in my newsletter for the benefit of other readers, and as you well know I never use names in the question and answer section so your privacy is insured.


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Love and Light
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Healing Crystals- A Special Story

It was sunday afternoon and I had just gotten home from shopping, my daughter Nicole turned up a few minutes later and said to come outside, she pointed to the area behind our house and there was a sight that always brings fear and panic to my heart. (will explain later). A large dark plume of smoke was rising rapidly into the sky and covering a large area of the horizon. To our horror it looked to be exactly where my son Greg and his partner Libby lived.

Nicole and I both knew that Greg and Libby were going to the beach for this was also a holiday long weekend for us. The first thing we thought about were the animals, Greg and Libby are both avid animal lovers and we could not possible let anything happen to them. So we got into the car and drove out to their house. As is usually the way with fire and smoke it is not as close a you might think, however it was close enough for us to be concerned, the wind was blowing in the opposite direction, but a change in direction was expected later in the day. We decided that it was best to take the animals back to my house and started to organise how to do this. As I said before the kids are animal lovers. Anyway we discovered that they had come home early, but had gone to check on the fire's position and direction, we waited for about an hour and they had not returned. We left a note and went home to wait for their call.

Greg rang me about 10 minutes later and said that they were alright for the moment, this was at about 5pm. I said that his father and I would come out later and see if they needed help. Nicole went home and said to call if she was needed. About an hour later the wind changed direction and started to head towards Greg and Libby's, within a matter of minutes smoke was everywhere around our house and we were abouth 15 to 20 Kilometers(approx. 10 miles) away. As we were getting ready to leave I went to my crystals and asked them to tell me which of them was the crystal that I needed. Immediately the Black Obsidian raised it hand and said I am the one that will work for you in this situation (I know you may think this sounds strange, but crystals quite often communicate with me in this manner, especially in emergencies) I picked it up and put it in my pocket and we hurried out to Greg's house. When we got there the fire was about three times bigger and brighter than it had been earlier, it was now 6.30pm. I immediately told them that they had to get out of there now. Greg knows that I hate fire, and tend to want to run as far away as possible. (this is due to the fact that when I was 12 years old I was caught in an out of control bushfire with our whole community of about 50 people, we were surrounded and there was no way out, we could actually see the flames comming towards us and beleived that we had no hope of survival. But out of the blue rain came not gentle rain but pounding full blooded rain, there was no forecast of rain that day and it appeared out of a clear blue sky. Someone or Something was watching over us that day, so you can see why I said earlier that fear and panic enter my heart every time if smell smoke), he is a little more laid back than me, and said that there was no hurry, but fortunatly other friends had turned up and supported me in my need for haste. While every thing that was immediately neccessary was packe into cars, I took the Black Obsidian crystal and began to ask it to protect the property and all those in danger from the fire, Jeff thought that because Obsidian comes from the vulcano that it would attract the fire, but the message from the Black Obsidian Crystal was just the opposite, because it had been born in the hottest place on this planet it had the power to repell the fire like nothing else could.(this is why it talked to be back at home). I place the crystal in the kitchen and thanked it for it help. I went outside and used Reiki and other methods to help protect the home.

With all the animals loaded and a few clothes and photos we headed off not knowing if we would return to find the house in ashes or still standing, but both my son and I felt strongly that the house would survive. Greg and Libby as I have said before are animal lovers an here is a list of what we took home, 2 Rottweillers, 2 Cats of unknown origin, 1 Ferret, 1 Guinea Pig and one Snake. We had to leave behind an aquarium full of tropical fish and a turtle. There was just no way for us to transport them.

When we got home we heard that there was supposed to be rain comming in about 2 hours, but it did not look like it was going to rain. They day had been very hot around the 30 degree celsius mark, and we have had a long hot dry summer, so the undergrowth was tinder dry, even the Country Fire Authority which is made up mostly of volunteers did not beleive that the rain would come and that my son's home would not be saved, even though you knew that they would give their all trying to save as many house as they could. People like these are worth their weight in gold, they give of their time and sometimes their lives to help people they do not know from losing the homes and their lives. Without them we would be a lot poorer in spirit, they make us proud.

When I got home I again went to my crystals and asked them for help, I needed a crystal or combination of crystals to bring the rain as quickly as possible. I did this by just looking at the crystals one by one knowing that the right one or ones would contact me. And again they did not let me down, I have a crystal that is called Hourglass Gypsum, it was given to me only very recently by my friend Ross Kitzelmann, It is Gypsum encased in Clear Quartz Crystal and shaped for all the world like an Hourglass, hence the name, now we all know that Quartz is the most versatile crystal going around and gypsum has been used in rainmaking ceremonies for centuries, although to tell you the truth my mind had gone blank as to what to use,(this is when you let your intuition take over and listen to the crystals beleive me they will come through every time). My Hourglass crystal has always been a little cloudy, anyway I took it outside and programmed it to bring rain, I had a strong feeling that it had to be placed in just the right position, this turned out to be under the very very very old cyprus tree that resides in our front yard, I placed the crystal on a seat that is there and left. At this time I again called on the elements to help stop the fire and protect everybody who was in danger.

About 11pm the wind just died, it had been very strong up until then with no sign of easing, but it just stopped, this allowed the firefighters to bring the fire under some form of control, although it was still out of control in the heavily treed areas that were almost inexcessible, the areas where homes and live were in danger was brought under control, the rain that was expected had still not arrived, but things were looking so much better. My son wanted to go an check out his house if he could get close enough, so we all piled into the car and went out, he house was still standing and we all breathed a sigh of relief as you could see that everything was going to be safe, we went to see just what was happening with the fire, not intending to get to close, but somehow we turned a bend in the road and there were the firefighters and the remains of the fire, I was driving and felt the old fears comming back, but I had to keep them in check and keep going, the fire got very close to Greg and Libbys about 1 Kilometer by road or 1/2 Kilometer by bush, too close for comfort as we passed the firefighters I felt like jumping out and giving the around of applause for the job they were doing, but it was not really very practical. It was slow driving as there were fire trucks and firefighters everywere, I suddenly realised that I was not panicking or fearfull of the fire, I had taken another step forward, I will still always be cautious and maybe a little scared of fire, but the all consumming terror that has gripped my before, I believe will not return, this fire had already done some good. We returned home and relaxed well fell into a big heap to be exact. We had a drink and went to bed knowing that the kids house and almost everyone else's was too (unfortunately six homes were lost, but no lives which is the most importan thing). About 2am the rain came it came down by the bucket load, putting out the flames and giving the firefighters the break the deserved. It became more gentle a good soaking rain that lasted for hours, nature had again came to the rescue and put out what is believe to have been started deliberately by man. Some people never seem to learn.

In the morning, I went out a retreived my Hourglass Gypsum Crystal, I thanked it for helping to bring the rain, and as I did so I noticed that it was now clear, crystal clear to be exact, not one bit of cloudiness to be seen, it was truly amazing to see the difference in the crystal, We took the kids and the animal farm back home and helped them unload everything, I went inside and picked up the Black Obsidian Crystal, I could feel that it was warm, it felt happy and contented to me like you feel when you do something well. I beleive that the unexpected wind drop had something to do with the power of the Black Obsidian and the reason it wanted to be taken out to my son's home.

I hope that this experience will show you how crystals can be used in any situation and at anytime. We can still smell the smoke in the air two days later, about 4,000hectares or 10,000 acres were burnt out in this brief but furious wildfire, it could have been a lot worse, but this time we were lucky. And I thank the crystals and the elements for all their help.

I know that this is probably not what you were expecting to read this month, but it seemed that I just had to write about it to you all. I hope that you find it interesting and helpful I will be placing some photos of the fire (from a distance that is) on the site in the next few days, look under where I live and also I will put up photos of the Black Obsian Crystal and the Hourglass Gypsum that came to our aid (look for these in the new photogallery this may take a couple of days longer).

Thank you for listening to me it has helped me by writing this article.

Love and Light

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