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Healing Crystals: Can they make you ill?

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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello and welcome to 2006. I am sorry about some of the delays regarding updates to the website, but I have been a little pre-occupied, my husband Jeff had a minor heartattack just before the New Year and this threw everything into confusion. He is O.K. but we have to monitor things for the next few months, so the Crystals and Reiki are working overtime. I hope to get things back on track from now on though. Just a couple of things, I now have a blog where you can place comments and read articles that I will be placing there on a regular basis. You can find it by just

Also I have been thinking about adding some meditations that I wrote while doing my Holisting Healing Course. I would like to know if this is something that you would like added to the site, and also if you would like to be able to hear the meditation as well as read it. I am working a downloadable version so that people can download them and play them whenever it suits them. I would appreciate it if you could click on the link below and send me an email to let me know what your thoughts are on this issue.


I have a little gift for you, I have been allowed to to pass on an Ebook about website optimisation and building your page ranking. I thought that some of you may like this to read it is absolutely free and there is no obligation to buy anything, the information that it contains has been of tremendous help to me and I just wanted to be able to share this with you. If you have a website or are thinking about starting one up, you really should read this ebook. It will make your life so much easier. Also I have added a site map so that it will be quicker to get to a particular item that you want, without having to go through all the links. The articles will be a little different than what you are normally used to. I like to present my information as if I were in the room talking to you.
So it may not be as technical or as structured as you would normally find.

I have found that my students seem to retain what they have learned, when I use this approach, they say it makes the classes fun, and to be honest,
I couldn't do it any other way, it's really just the way I am.

I hope that you will enjoy my style and stay around with us for a while.

I will be having guest writers, who will add their own unique and expert advice.

This Months guest writer is Michael Campbell, Author of Clickin' it Rich, Revenge of the Mininet, and the Internet Marketing Secrets Newsletter.

As I know a lot of my readers are interested in starting their own websites or just improving on them, I have added this article for you.

I have added some new information for you that I am sure will be of benefit for your with your website

If you have any feed back please feel free contact me
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Love and Light

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Healing Crystals- Can they make you ill?

There has been some talk recently about whether or not crystals can have an adverse effect on people, making the ill, You could probably argue for both sides of this case and have a winning argument.

Firstly I would like to say that I believe that all energy be it Crystal Healing Energy , Reiki Healing Energy, Chi Healing Energy or any other type that you like to name can not cause harm or be used to cause harm(except if toxic crystals are used incorrectly). Having said that can energy cause an adverse reaction, well in a sense it can but I would like to qualify this. Firstly it is not the energy itself that is causing the adverse effect it is the underlying cause that is creating any discomfort the person maybe feeling.

The Crystal energy allows the person to become consciously aware of the cause or problem. If they have suppressed it or refused to accept it they may have been ignoring the symptoms. The crystal energy just brings it to their attention a little more forcibly.

The crystal that does this may not necessarily be the one that will help the person with their healing, but it most certainly brings the problem to the surface, so that it can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.

I am sure that there have been times when a particular crystal has not appealed to you or has actually repelled you. When I was doing my Holistic Healers course, one of my teachers actually recoiled from a piece of Pyrite crystal that I showed her. This reaction was so extreme that many of the class noticed it, I asked her why she did not like the Pyrite crystal, and she replied that she had an aversion to all similar crystals. She could not say why and was not inclined to find out. (Strange attitude for a Holistic Healing teacher). I am not even going to try and guess what the cause was as the possibilities are unlimited.

Some people speculate that the properties of the crystal may hold a clue and that could be so, but there could be another reason.

Let me use a personal example using colour aversion that I had. For years I refused to wear or own anything that was blue, particularly navy blue, I literally hated the colour, when people asked why, I could not say. Later as my spiritual journey progressed, I started to question this attitude I had to the colour blue after all it was a colour. I realized after many hours of contemplation and discussions with friends, that it was the only colour that my mother seemed to wear. Now I love my mother dearly, even though she passed over many years ago. I realized that for me, blue had come to represent her sadness with her life. She had a very hard, unhappy and lonely life. I cannot say that there were very many times that I actually saw my mother really happy and laughing. So you see it was not the colour itself that I disliked. It was my mother's sadness that haunted me.

Once I discovered this, I have found a new liking for blue (although navy is not something you will find in my wardrobe, still need some work here).

As you can see from my experience it is not always something about that the crystal is doing, but something that the person associates with the colour, shape, feel or even the name of the crystal that can make them feel uncomfortable.

Now whenever I feel an aversion to a crystal or anything else for that matter. I take a good look to discover why, sometimes it can be hard and I might put it down and come back to it later. If you do this that's fine, something's need to be done slowly and in stages.

Always remember things happen for a reason and they happen at a time that is right for you. We all have things that we need to deal with and the crystal kingdom is there to help us through, with support and insights in how to handle things. We are never on our own help is there for the asking.

Just like this article I had no idea what to write about, so I asked the crystals for suggestions and Lo and Behold a few days latter up comes this subject. See it pays to ask.

And remember if you need to talk I am always here.

Love and Light

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Q. What crystals would you recommend for stuttering.   

A. Someone asked about a boy that is stuttering due to being bullied at school. They wanted to know what crystals would be of benefit. Here are some suggestions that I felt would be useful.

I would recommend that you try Fluorite, Obsidian and Tourmaline, you could use either blue or purple varieties of fluorite and obsidian and perhaps multi coloured tourmaline, blue or purple tourmaline will be ok. as well.

I have had some success using the above stones. But there maybe other crystals that need to be used to completely rid the person of the stuttering.

If this boy is being bullied then perhaps you could give him some obsidian (I would not recommend black as it maybe to powerful for him at the moment) any of the other obsidians will offer protection from the bullies, and are a lot gentler energy.

The Fluorite and Tourmaline will also assist him with his self-confidence, something that I have found all stutters seem to be lacking in.

If anyone would like more information please feel free to contact me

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