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Issue #3. 15th,November 2005    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings. First of all sorry to all those who woke up this morning expecting to find their copy of Crystal Dragon Rumblings in the mail. I am a little behind at the moment, apart from answering questions and keeping the website interesting. I am being pushed to get my next book finished and ready for publication, and as always I seem to have lost track of the days and time. I Hope that you enjoy this month issue.

Here you will find information about crystals and how you can use them in your everyday lives.

The articles will be a little different than what you are normally used to. I like to present my information as if I were in the room talking to you.
So it may not be as technical or as structured as you would normally find.

I have found that my students seem to retain what they have learned, when I use this approach, they say it makes the classes fun, and to be honest,
I couldn't do it any other way, it's really just the way I am.

I hope that you will enjoy my style and stay around with us for a while.

I will be having guest writers, who will add their own unique and expert advice. This Months guest writer is Mary Kay Buttery I am sure you will find her article fascinating.

Keep your eye on the website I have a new toy that I will be adding in the next week or so. Boy I love surprises, when it comes I would really appreciate your feedback on what you think.

As I know a lot of my readers are interested in starting their own websites or just improving on them, I will from time to time include some articles about, internet marketing, website design and anything of interest that I may come across.

If you have any feed back please feel free contact me
OR use the comments box at the bottom of page

Love and Light

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(or have confidence in yourself)

Confidence! the one thing we all wish we had and even when do have it, most of the time we still don't feel confident.

How many times have you been going to do something and then thought NO! what if I'm wrong? If you are like you would have probably done it hundreds of times. It took me years of learning the hard way to trust in myself and my inner voice. I would try to second guess myself all the time, and just about every time I found that I should have had the confidence to go with my first instinct or inner voice.

I am not saying that you should not check on something if you are not sure about the consequences. But most of the time you will know that your inner voice is guiding you in the right direction. I would like to give you a couple of examples of what I mean.

Firstly there is my family, after years of seeing me going with what I feel or my inner voice they have come to trust my judgement on most things(this can be a problem as I have a tendency to want to control things for the best mind you and I have to pull back and let them make their own decisions). When ever they are trying to decided something or their is a problem they always go "Mum what do you think?" Lovely that they come to me, but they very rarely made decisions on their own. I would give my opinion and they would say yeah that's what I thought too. On asking them why they had not already acted, the answer was invariably I wasn't sure if I was right I did not trust my own feelings.

Needles to say that I have for the last few years moved away from giving an answer first and asked them what they thought first. Then I say to them that if that is what feels right for them then thats what they should do. I will always be there to give them advice but they needed to have the confidence in themselves and not rely on me(lovely though that is)or anyone else for the answers.

They still ask for my advice and opinions but now it is on what they have already decided to do not on what they think I think they should do.

It is good to get second opinions because sometimes others see things that you may miss, but still the final decision is yours only you know how the decision will effect you.

The second example I would like to share with you is this:

Every year we have a Mind/Body/Spirit show in Melbourne. My daughter Nicole and I have been talking about going for years, but never quite made it. Well this year we went, we took my grandson Josh with us and decided to just enjoy the day. After walking around and looking at the exhibits for a few hours, Nicole decided that she would like to have Josh's Aura photo taken. You should have seen him all of 4 years old and he just sat down and placed his hands exactly where they had to go, the lady taking the photos thought he had done this before, but it was his first time(smart boy that). Anyway I digress, after the photo had been taken a reader come over and started to explain what the colours meant that were in his aura. I found it very interesting as it co-insided with what I had already been told by my guides. Then the lack of confidence came in, the reader started to explain the colours in a way that he felt we wanted to hear, changing the meaning of everything just ever so slightly but still changed none the less. I thought that this may have been because Josh was so young, but he did the same thing with Nicole's reading and mine also. He was spot on with his first interpretations and should have had the confidence to leave it at that, but he undermined some of the messages that he was meant to be getting across especially to my daughter by not listening to his inner voice.

I know that it is not easy to have the confidence to follow that inner voice, it takes practice and also looking at the results we get when we do follow it and when we don't. I believe that the inner voices are our guides directing us to the right path for us.

I have been very glad on occassions that I have followed their guidance as there have been instances where I would have been in the wrong place at the wrong time if I had ignored the warnings that I got.

You may not actually hear voices, it may just be a feeling that you get perhaps in your stomach or chest, learn to look for and listen to these signs you will find your confidence growing each time you do.

Here are a couple of Crystals that will help you with your Self Confidence

Agate, Azurite, Bloodstone, Sodalite, Turquoise

A word of warning don't jump in to something that could be dangerous without all the facts if you get a feeling of being unsure it usually means that the course of action you are planning is not right at this point in time.

Love and Light

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Desiring to have fun is natural, normal and an a sound approach to a healthy state of being. Your life cannot help but flourish if your daily routine is infused with FUN. Consider it a basic need along with food, shelter, clothing, Etc! Of course, this is not to say that you don’t take important things seriously. It is to say, however, that you don’t treat every experience as though your life depends on it.

Old patterning may have taught us that having fun is acceptable in its proper place and time. And for some, fun is interpreted as a childish action and not appropriate behavior for an adult. Letting go of modeling that no longer serves us creates a natural vacuum and an unblocked channel for fresh new energy, FUN, to come into our live. Start introducing and enveloping this light hearted approach to living at a relaxed and gentle pace, as this is not a test and there is no “pass-fail”.

Here are a some simple actions that will generate FUN in your life:

- Share Yourself with Others! Start with a SMILE. It works.

Smile at a person you pass on the street, smile and wave at a neighbor; smile and greet your pet at the door; smile at your waiter and leave a really big tip because you’re having a great day; smile and start a conversion with the cashier; smile when you pick up the phone, the caller will hear it in your voice, And on and on!!

- Nurture Yourself. MAKE some time each day for a “mind” Vacation.

When we were kids fun was scheduled into our school schedule. “Recess” was a time to play games, laugh with our friends and frolic on the playground. By breaking for fun we returned to the classroom feeling refreshed, invigorated and better able to concentrate on the tasks at hand. So, schedule in “Recess”. Jump in a pile of leaves; go for a 10 minute walk; next time you see a rainbow, stop and really admire it; test drive a really expensive car; sit and relax; rent a funny movies, pop some popcorn and laugh; read a book; listen to music; play a game with the kids; jump on the bed; play hop-scotch; take a drive to no where; stand on your head. Do what presents itself. And make sure you honor your appointment with fun as much as you would any other entry in your calendar!

- Pat Yourself on the Back, Often.

Celebrate all the successes in your life. Many times we get hung up on that obvious situation that is causing us turmoil and sapping our energy. If this happens call a time out, breath, and one by one count the things in your life you are proud of and appreciate. What a great way to feel uplifted!

- Un burden Yourself

Start to clear away the old dead parts of your life. Return a call, get rid of all the clothes you can’t fit into, call a service to clean your house, clear and organize your desk area, be willing to let go of an old “grudge” you be holding on to. Do what is in your face at the moment! Easy does it now, this is not a race.

- Let the Outside, In

As children we were taught to protect ourselves, to beware. Now is the time to drop our imaginary guard.. Look at life as a conspiracy to bring you only the very best. I guarantee doors you did not know existed will start to swing open, bringing you a life beyond your wildest and fondest dreams!

- Veto Debt, Take on Agreements

Throw out any words in your vocabulary that don’t have a pleasant tone. For example; for some the word “debt” may feel mundane and heavy. If this is the case, the words “agreement”or “arrangement” may be good replacements. After all we have a lot of words to choice from!

- Be That

Think about what you enjoy the most about other people. For example, is it because they have a positive attitude, joke around, interact in a friendly way, etc. Then do it!

- Give Away all your “Shoulds and Have Tos”

Lets face it, not one of us has to do anything. We all make choices. So stand tall, take a “I’m in charge” attitude and notice how you step into your day (and life) with a new found sense of anticipation and wonder.

- What’s Fun?

Take some time to ponder what “fun” is for you, then take action steps to participate “just for the fun of it”. And, whenever you hear or read about an event or activity that fascinates you add it to your “fun” to do list.

- Watch a Child

We forgot how to have fun. So an easy and FUN way to help us remember is to watch a child . Feel the magic and wonder they emanate . Take it in. It is contiguous!

- Allow Time for Surprises

Every now and then do something nice for someone totally unexpected. Call someone up and tell him or her how much you appreciate them; give someone a back rub, when crossing a toll ridge or entering a toll road, pay the fare for the vehicle behind you; return a grocery cart to the stall; put coins in expired parking meters; give Hershey's Kisses to people; leave your change in the soda machine for the next person.

- Throw this Away!

This article is a tool to assist. Use the parts that work, and throw the rest away. There is one thing that you can always depend on, it is you! Trust yourself. Your inner voice, or gut feelings, is your personal assistant on duty 24/7.

Mary Kay Buttery, 2005

Youth is a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children.
George Bernard Shaw

About The Author: Mary Kay is a natural healer, passionate that people discover peace and simplicity in their everyday experiences. Email =============================================================================================================


Q.  I have a friend who has just lost a son and is grieving is there a Crystal that can help her?

A.  These crystals should help your friend:

CARNELIAN and SUGILITE: for sorrow

AMETRINE and JADE: to bring her a little bit of peace

Q.  Can you recommend any crystals for enhancing employment chances

A.The following crystals should be of assistance:

ADULARIA: For advancement in employment

EGLESTONITE: For advancement in employment

KAINOSITE: For heightening employment prospects

OCHO: For victory in employment quests

BLACK SAPPHIRE: Excellent for all types of employment prospects

STANNITE: Raises your stature in employments areas.

ULLMANNITE: For advancement in employment.

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