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Using Healing Crystals to Achieve Your Goals
The Greatest Hitter
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.


I hope 2008 is being good to you, did you make any New Years Resolutions. I gave up on that years ago, I never seemed to keep them and I just got disappointed with myself, so I just make a promise to myself to live my year better and be a little bit better person each year.

For all of you that asked my brother-inlaw is doing a lot better, he will never be 100% but hey he is alive and moving, so that's a bonus in itself.

What else has been happening in my world since the December issue, let's see firstly we had a wonderful family Christmas, lots of nice food and laughter, nice pressies too, and we even went for a walk after lunch had to get rid of all those extra calories somehow. Jeff and I spent New Year with our best friends Bill and Gloria Murphy in Benalla and I got to met their newest Grandchild Aiden who is just adorable, Aiden and I hit it off straight away. It was nice to catch up as we live over 3 hours away and both being busy only see each other a couple of times a year, we used to live around the corner from each other and did not realise how lucky we were, to be able to call around for a cuppa and chat whenever we felt like it.

I have been a little bit slack with updating the site and adding articles, although I have submitted articles to They are an online magazine and the have published my articles which gave me a little surge of pride knowing someone things they are good enough to publish (nothing wrong with a little bit of pride now and again).

I have been busy on a personal project which when finished I will tell you all about, not sure how much longer it will take but can see the finish line. Now that the kids have gone back to school, Josh is in grade 1 this year, I will have more time to spend on my site and I have organised myself, yes hard to believe I know but I finally did get organised, so I will be able to devote more time to what I love and that is bringing you more information. I am glad you liked the new Author's Library, if I find things that might interest you then I like to pass them on. A couple of people felt that I was spamming them and for that I am sorry. If you do not want to recieve any more of these emails please let me know and I will put you on a special list so that you just get the newsletter, although I will be putting specials in the newsletter from time to time.

The weather here has been very warm, constant days between 32 and 40 degress celsius, I love the hot weather, but after a few weeks it can get a bit draining. There are a lot of people suffering as our water supplies are very low storage is under 10% here in Ballarat, so no unnecessary water use, my poor old car has not been washed for nearly 12 months, don't know if I will be game to wash it as the shock might kill the poor thing. Still we could be worse off and just think, we are all learning how to conserve water and use our resources much more efficently and that can only be a benefit for everyone concerned.

O.k. better go now. Stay safe and give your loved ones a big hug.

Love and Light
Colleen The Crystal Dragon

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Using Healing Crystals to Achieve Your Goals

O.K. Now we all have things in life that we want to achieve, some of them are small everyday things like getting the house organised, finally finishing the garden, painting the house, maybe its a hobby like painting, scrapbooking or writing and then there are the bigger things like finishing a course, publishing a book, setting up a website and the one we all want becomming financially independant. Some of these things we may think are easy to do and why would we need help? Well even the littlest things can be hard to get finished our motivation can lag especailly if it is something that we do not feel we are good at or something we consider mundane. I am sure everyone would agree that a little help with the big things is always needed so what can we do to help get the extra motivation we need, well when I am in this position I always look for the crystal that will help out. Perhaps I can explain this by telling you my latest experience with needing help from my wonderful healing crystals.

I have unoffically been helping people with their lifes goals and stratergies for years. I seem to attract to me people who need help and don't get me wrong I am not complaining I love to do this. It has been happening since I was a child, I even found that adults would talk to me about their problems and what was happening to them. I never found this strange as at the time I always thought that the same thing happened to everybody, it was not until I was much older that I realised that adults did not usually talk to children and tell them their problems. As the years went on people were comming to me more frequently, I have even had complete strangers tell me their life stories and their problems, believe me it has even happened in lifts, my daughter has been with me at various times when this has happened, she just shakes her head and says that people just seem to find me when they need help. Now you may think this sort of thing happens only occassionally but I can assure you that it happens on a very regular basis.

Most of the time all people need is someone to listen to them, maybe guide them in the right direction. I am very careful what I say as I do not wish to give people the wrong advice, mainly I just nodded and agreed or disagreed whatever the case maybe. I have also found that people actually have the answers in them anyway. I finally decided that perhaps I needed to get some formal training in helping people as I am finding more and more of my time is being taken with this activity and I want to be able to do the best I possibly can by people needing my help, so I enrolled to become a Life Stratergies Coach, I soon discovered that most of what I had been doing was right, but there was a lot of tools that would allow me to provide a lot more help. Well it had been sometime since I had taken on structured learning(internet aside) and I was finding it difficult to get back into the study mode and also remembering what I had learned, so I turned to my trusty,healing crystals for help. I decided that the following crystals would be just what I needed:

CALCITE: It helped to boost my memory and also to retain information for later retrival. Calcite Photo

FLUORITE: This is one I really needed as it helped me to get organised and to process information, it is also benefical when quick thinking is needed and also aided my concentration.Fluroite Photos

HOWLITE: Is a great one when I started to get bogged down and wondered if I was doing the right thing in doing this course. It helped to get my thirst for knowledge back.Howlite Photo

ULEXITE: This crystal helped me when things got difficult to understand, it allowed me to understand just what was being said. Ulexite Photo

AMBER AND CITRINE: These two healing crystals help to strengthen my memory which was sorely needed. Amber Photo or CitrinePhoto

BRIDGE QUARTZ: This is a wonderful crystal for both student and teacher and I have used it everytime I have taught a class on Reiki or Crystal Healing. What it does in helps with the flow of informationn between teacher and student allowing for clear communiction and understand by both parties and again this was very useful when trying to grasp new concepts. Bridge Quartz Photo

I used all these crystals over the term of the course and found all of their healing properties to be of great benefit. I have now finished this course and am just awaiting my certificate to come. I would not have been able to do the course with the ease and efficency that I did without my crystals and also I know that I would be still struggling to get the course finished.

This is only one type of goal where healing crystals can be of benefit to you. So no matter what your goal you can always find a crystal to help you achieve it. If any of you have a goal you want to achieve let me know and I will help you find the correct crystal to help, we can put it into "Question and Answers" and then everyone will be able to get access to the information. It would take up to much space and time to include them all here(and the spam filters would probably go crazy when I sent you this newsletter). I hope you find this information helpful. Love and Light Colleen The Crystal Dragon P.S. Once my certificate comes through and I am a qualified "Life Stratergies Coach" I will be opening up a site so that anyone who would like help can get it online, also via Skpe and I will be doing webinars in the near future so look out for the notification.

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Q. My Granddaughter is suffering from Bulimia and I wondered if there was a Crystal that could help her.

A. You could try any of the following healing crystals you may need to experiment with each of them to find out what will work for your Grandaughter as it will depend on the deep seated reasons for her Bulimia: Citrine, Gold, Rose Quartz and Tiger Eye. Remeber to cleanse and then to program the crystals for the task at hand.

Q. I am wondering if there is a crystal that will help me to improve my patience as I have been finding myself being very short tempered lately and do not like this quality in myself.

A. You could try Blue Lace Agate, Garnet, Labradorite or even plain old Quartz. It seems to me that you have not always been impatient and that there must be a reason for this happening now, I would advise that you use the healing crystals that I meantioned above to help with the immediate problem but you may need to look at what is actually causing you to be short tempered and then you can find a crystal to help with that. Sometimes we treat the problem that we see and forget that there is an underlying reason for this. Don't worry it's something just about everybody does.

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The Greatest Hitter

by: Author Unknown

A little boy was overheard talking to himself as he strutted through the backyard, wearing his baseball cap and toting a ball and bat. "I'm the greatest hitter in the world," he announced. Then, he tossed the ball into the air, swung at it, and missed. "Strike One!" he yelled.

Undaunted, he picked up the ball and said again, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" He tossed the ball into the air. When it came down he swung again and missed. "Strike Two!" he cried out.

The boy then paused a moment to examine his bat and ball carefully. He spit on his hands and rubbed them together. He straightened his cap and said once more, "I'm the greatest hitter in the world!" Again he tossed the ball up in the air and swung at it. He missed. "Strike Three!"

"Wow!" he exclaimed... "I'm the greatest pitcher in the world!"

Your attitude determines how circumstances impact your life.

The little boy's circumstances hadn't changed, but his optimistic attitude prompted him to give an encouraging meaning to what had happened.

What difficult time are you going through right now? Can you do something to change it? If you can, don't wait another day... make the needed changes. If you can't change the circumstance, however, change your attitude... you'll discover that circumstances won't have the last word.

I got this from a newsletter that I recieve called "Healthy Wealthy N Wise" I also get other wonderful inspirational help and information from them. If you are interested in what they have to offer you will find them here Healthy Wealthy N Wise I got this from a newsletter that I recieve called "Healthy Wealthy N Wise" I also get other wonderful inspirational help and information from them. If you are interested in what they have to offer you will find them here Healthy Wealthy N Wise
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Here is the link to the Free Ebooks that I mentioned in an early newsletter. I would suggest that you read them in their numbered order, although you can swap them around if you like. You will find a more detailed explaination of cells, molecules atoms etc in manual#2.

Here is the link Get your Free Ebooks Here

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