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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hi There,

It's me again, boy isn't time flying by now that Christmas is approaching. I have been very busy getting things sorted out, my daughter has been in hospital with Kidney Stones due to stress. My grandson Josh is having swimming lessons with the school each Tuesday and as there are not many male teachers at the school Jeff my husband has been going along to help with the boys when they were getting changed needless to say I had to go along as well to see Josh swim and I'm sure you know what a hardship that was for me(yeah right.)

Now Don't forget the Christmas sale that I have going at the moment 15% off everything, do not take any notice of the sale items tag as it only lists two items on sale, still have some bugs to exterminate by the looks anyway if you are thinking of getting something for Christmas get in early as it takes anything from 7 to 28 days for overseas deliveries and sometimes even longer with all the extra mail going out.

We are coming into summer here is Australia and that means barbeques, swimming, picnics and also CRICKET sorry to all those that either do not like or do not understand the game, me I am just crazy about it, I watch all the tests and one dayers you need to scrap my eyes of the TV. screen, so if I am a little tardy with answers and such then you know the reason why. Another thing that we get at this time of year and something we can do without is bush fires, I am really asking the crystals to send their healing energy to the Earth so as to combat this deadly menace. This year we are having our Christmas on Boxing Day the day after as Josh has to go to his Fathers for Christmas Day we swap around each year, we like having Boxing Day as we get all day to celebrate and spend the time together as a family, as my kids partners are able to spend Christmas day with their respective families, so I think we are a little spoilt every second year, what will you all be doing for Christmas those of you that celebrate it that is. If you do not celebrate Christmas I would be interested to hear what your special days are and when they occur so that I can send you a special greeting on that day, I will be sending you all a Christmas wish this year and I do not intend to offend anyone so if you do not wish to receive a Christmas greeting please let me know and I will make sure that you do not get one.

It never cease to amaze me how the universe works, I decided to write about visualization after something happened to me(read below)and when I was looking for an other article for the newsletter guess what? I got one which again deals with visualization. So Hey you don't have to hit me over the head with a sledge hammer to get the message across this month we talk about visualization and which Healing Crystals will help you with visualization.

Did you get your free gift last month, if you did I hope you found it useful if not I have left the link up at the bottom of the newsletter for you.

I will have that video about cleaning and programming crystals up soon, I am still having trouble uploading it to yahoo and google.

I hear you I will get off now and let you read the newsletter.

Love and Light
Colleen The Crystal Dragon

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The other morning I woke up and my left shoulder was very stiff and sore. Now this seemed strange as I had not done anything the day before to cause this, I thought that perhaps I had slept on it the wrong way and this must have caused the pain. I had a hot shower hoping that that would ease the muscles, but no such luck as the day wore on my shoulder and arm became worse. I found that I could hardly raise my arm and the pain was continuous. I tried using Magnetic Hematite to ease the pain but it was not working so I then tried some Lapis Lazuli for its healing powers but neither of these Crystals seemed to be working.

I tried meditation but nothing, I was really starting to wonder where and how I had damage my shoulder to this extent, I went over everything I had done in the days prior and could find nothing that would account for the pain. I looked up different books that give reasons for conditions in different parts of the body but could find nothing that I could relate too. It was bugging me as I always like to know why something is happening and I get a little cranky when answers elude me(well maybe a little more than just a little cranky.

Anyway by the time I was due to go to bed I still had not been able to find the cause, and I was not looking forward to trying to sleep with the pain that was now not only in my shoulder but also down my arm. I thought that I would try to visualise my arm without the pain once I got into bed, seemed like a good idea as nothing else had worked. As I settled down to begin my visualization about my arm being pain free I got an image in my mind and I realised what had caused my pain.

You see I have been trying to deliberately visualise things lately and have not had much luck, I had decided that maybe this was not going to be something that I could do without a lot of work, not that I mind hard work, but in my pride I suppose you could say I thought that as I got visions when meditating with crystals and doing healing work that visualization would be a cinch. How does that old saying go "Pride cometh before a fall" that was how I was beginning to feel about my efforts to consciously visualize events happening. Well when I got into bed that night I remember a dream that I had had amazingly I had not seemed to recall this dream at anytime through the day but as soon as my head hit the pillow it was crystal clear in my mind. I had dreamed that I was being taken to some place for questioning (don't ask how I got to this point as I don't know I think the dream sort of started there) and as I was been lead away one of the guards who had a spear(again don't ask)pushed it into my left shoulder with great force, as I lay there I could actually feel the pain of that spear being pushed into my left shoulder at the exact point where the pain had been all day.

I could not believe it for a moment here I had been trying to visualise something into physical being and thinking that I had a long way to go and lo and behold! all I had to do was dream about it. I must admit that I did not consciously think about getting stabbed in the shoulder as I was trying to manifest something a lot nicer, but as I know only too well the universe sometimes has a perverse sense of humor especially when teaching a lesson, to some how are doubting what they know is true.

Now visualization is not something that is natural to everyone, but I know that with practice everyone can learn to do it and to manifest what they want. We have been hearing a lot about "The Secret" which by the way I have watched and enjoyed a number of times. People have been trying to visualise what they want and because they cannot do it immediately think that the "Law of Attraction" is a con and as the book and movie do emphases that visualization is important. I was beginning to think that I would not be able to manifest anything through visualization but would just have to use the power of my thoughts and my positive beliefs which work just as well, but after my experience with my shoulder and the dream I know that I can visualise I now know that I was holding my self back from visualizing what I wanted because I had been told as a child that I did not have a creative bone in my body, so I believed that I could not visualise what I wanted, I rationalized the visions I got when using healing crystals and doing healings as not really being visualizations by thinking and rightly that I was receiving these vision from somewhere else, but if I could not visualise I would have only gotten these messages via clairaudience and Clairsentience.

Now this is where I stopped writing last night as it was nearly midnight and I had to be up early in the morning. As I was laying in bed trying to drift off I started to think about what I was writing and I realised that the things I wanted and was trying to bring into physical being were not happening because I was blocking them. I realised that what was causing me to block them was a little bit of fear of the unknown and also I was trying to align my ideas with my husbands Jeff's idea of what he wanted now don't get me wrong I believe that we need to consider what effect our decisions will have on those close to us but we should not let this hold us back either, we need to find away to allow our loved ones comfortable as well. Jeff is my soul mate always has been and always will be he has been there encouraging me every step I take, and I would be nowhere without his wonderful love and support but he does not like the thought of being in the limelight he sees the way people who have some sort of fame or notoriety have their personal space invaded by others and does not want to be in this position even for the smallest amount of time. To demonstrate how adverse he is to this let me explain, he has been the number one salesperson in his field for quite a few years and really knows his stuff, he has been asked to do lectures and to pass on his vast knowledge at seminars and the like. He has refused to do this because of being uncomfortable in these situations. Sorry if I seem to be rambling here but I felt you needed some background info.

Well one of my main goals is in conflict with Jeff's idea about this. You I am going to bring my knowledge love and passion about Crystal Healing and Reiki Healing to the world. I have a burning desire to this and everything I have done in my life so far has been to this end, all the experiences I have had I want to use to help people to get the best out of themselves and their lives. I want to travel the world and talk to people to try to show them what life can really be like and this will involve things like large groups, small groups and one on one situations and all sorts of gatherings where people will be invading my personal space so to speak this is not a problem for me as this is what I am happy to do and it is also my passion. This is my goal in life. Boy did I really just lay it out there for the world to see, well that's a first must have been meant to do that sometimes I start to write and don't consciously think about it. Anyway you can see my dilemma I can hear some of you say well I should not let Jeff's concerns or fears get in the way of my goals and dreams and you would be right, but for me as I have already explained I would not be where I am today without Jeff and I do not wish to continue on my journey without him. So I have decided that I will pursue my goal and find a way to accommodate Jeff's needs as well, after all anything is possible if we want it and I am now going to visualise what I intend to do and also visualise Jeff there with me feeling comfortable and happy and I now know that this will all come about.

O.K. I can hear you al thinking what has this got to do with crystals and visualization, well as my story shows there are reason why we cannot sometimes visualise what we want and we need to find out what is holding us back, it was not just my concerns with Jeff but also my own fear of not succeeding at my chosen goal. This is where Healing Crystals come into play there are a number of Crystals that can help us to find the reasons for not being able to visualise and also some wonderful Crystals to help us with our visualization. Last night I took a Citrine Crystal and a Rutilated Quartz Crystal to bed with me as they both help with finding the cause of a problem as you read they worked wonders and brought me the answers I needed.


  • Amethyst helps to remember dreams and aids with visualization
  • Iolite
  • Yellow Labradorite
  • Malachite visualization and enhances psychic vision
  • Ruby (just shows how we can block the crystals help I have rubies in the rings I wear and as one of them is my eternity ring it never leaves my finger even at night)
  • Topaz
  • Ulexite brings very clear visualizations
  • Unakite it is the crystal of vision

  • There are other healing crystals that will help you with visualization but the ones I have listed are the ones that I have found to be most effective.

    I hope I have not bored you too much but I felt that by explaining what happened to me it would help those of you that have trouble with visualizing what you want and to let you know that if you keep trying you will eventually master the art of visualization.

    Love and Light
    Colleen The Crystal Dragon

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    18 Holes in His Mind
    by Author Unknown

    Major James Nesmeth had a dream of improving his golf game - and he developed a unique method of achieving his goal. Until he devised this method, he was just your average weekend golfer, shooting in mid-to-low nineties. Then, for seven years, he completely quit the game. Never touched a club. Never set foot on a fairway.

    Ironically, it was during this seven-year break from the game that Major Nesmeth came up with his amazingly effective technique for improving his game - a technique we can all learn from. In fact, the first time he set foot on a golf course after his hiatus from the game, he shot an astonishing 74! He had cut 20 strokes off his average without having swung a golf club in seven years! Unbelievable. Not only that, but his physical condition had actually deteriorated during those seven years.

    What was Major Nesmeth's secret? Visualization. You see, Major Nesmeth had spent those seven years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam. During those seven years, he was imprisoned in a cage that was approximately four and one-half feet high and five feet long.

    During almost the entire time he was imprisoned, he saw no one, talked to no one and experienced no physical activity. During the first few months he did virtually nothing but hope and pray for his release. Then he realized he had to find some way to occupy his mind or he would lose his sanity and probably his life. That's when he learned to visualize.

    In his mind, he selected his favorite golf course and started playing golf. Every day, he played a full 18 holes at the imaginary country club of his dreams. He experienced everything to the last detail. He saw himself dressed in his golfing clothes. He smelled the fragrance of the trees and the freshly trimmed grass. He experienced different weather conditions - windy spring days, overcast winter days, and sunny summer mornings. In his imagination, every detail of the tee, the individual blades of grass, the trees, the singing birds, the scampering squirrels and the lay of the course became totally real.

    He felt the grip of the club in his hands. He instructed himself as he practiced smoothing out his down-swing and the follow-through on his shot. Then he watched the ball arc down the exact center of the fairway, bounce a couple of times and roll to the exact spot he had selected, all in his mind.

    In the real world, he was in no hurry. He had no place to go. So in his mind he took every step on his way to the ball, just as if he were physically on the course. It took him just as long in imaginary time to play 18 holes as it would have taken in reality. Not a detail was omitted. Not once did he ever miss a shot, never a hook or a slice, never a missed putt.

    Seven days a week. Four hours a day. Eighteen holes. Seven years. Twenty strokes off. Shot a 74.

    See where your imagination can take you when YOU set goals!

    I got this from a newsletter that I recieve called "Healthy Wealthy N Wise" I also get other wonderful inspirational help and information from them. If you are interested in what they have to offer you will find them here Healthy Wealthy N Wise
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