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Neuralgia and Crystal Healing
Questions and Answers
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello Everyone

Sorry about last months newsletter, I was sitting in a plane going to Queensland and I though "Dam I forgot the
newsletter". Needless to say I could do nothing about it then, I was taking a weeks holiday with Jeff we haven't been
on holiday in about three years, not good. Anyway we decided that seeing as it was our 40th Wedding Anniversary we
would take a week off and visit sunny Queensland. We had great plans on going out to some crystal mines and getting
some new crystals also I had been told about a place outside of Rockhampton where you could go and they gave you
a bag of dirt and let you wash it and you would find sapphires, this sounded great and we thought that we would
film it to put up on the site. Well as the saying goes the best laid plans of mice and men(forget the rest), the
weather decided not to co-operate. In Victoria we have had a 10 year drought as any of you who have visited the
where I live pages on the site will know, anyway the rain finally came to Victoria and brought the cold with it, now
Queensland is in the tropical area and usually a lot warmer than down south, and you can usually expect sunny days
and warm weather not this time, it rained almost the whole time and the temperature was only a couple of degrees
warmer than home. Shouldn't complain though we got some great footage of a waterfall that I am going to use for
some projects that I have in mind and I got to read a couple of books which I have not done since last July
(got to get my life in order). We did catch up with some old friends and Jeff has a sister in McKay and we
had a great time catching up and passing on all the gossip. It was a part of Australia that we had not visited
before so it was very interesting and relaxing as well. We found a lovely beach called Horeshoe Bay at a place
called Bowen, it was raining to heavily to take any pictures though, Never mind next time, we have decided
that we will be definately going back to Rockhampton because there are some lovely areas that we want to
explore some more and also get to that sapphire mine.

You will notice that the articles are going to be on a specific ailment for a little while, people have been
asking about different ailments and what crystals will heal them, some are being diagnosed with ailments and
have no idea what they are some doctors do not explain things very well and some not at all. So I will try to
give a general overview of the condition and the suggest healing crystals that will aid in the healing of the
ailment. If there are any ailments that you would like me to cover just drop me a line and I will do my best
to research them for you and provide you with crystals that will aid in their healing.

How do you like the new shopping cart and the crystals, this is the reason I have not been as active on the
site for the last month or so, I have sourced out some very nice crystals which I hand picked. I will be adding
more all the time so come back and have a look now and again. If you are having trouble finding a particular crystal
just let me know and I will try to source it out for you, I have spoken to my suppliers and they are going
to work with me on this, there will be no obligation or cost for this service. I will find the crystal and then let
you know the cost including shipping and you can decided whether or not to proceed with the order, if you decide
to go ahead all you need do is let me know and I will get the crystal for you. I decided to do this as a lot
of you have said that you have trouble finding certain crystals and I know how frustrating this can be,
remeber my 3 year search for Huebnerite.

Anyway I will stop rambling and let you read the rest of the newsletter.

Love and Light

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This is a painful condition of the nerves and there are two types of Neuralgia.

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN): Pain in the facial area
Postherpetic Neuralgia: Caused by shingles or Herpes

Lets look at Trigeminal Neuralgia first, Neuralgia is fairly rare especially in the age groups under 30, women are
the group more at risk of getting this condition. Neuralgia affects 5 out of 100,000 people each year approximately.
It can manifest as a sever stabbing, burning, sharp or even itchy feeling. It usually affects the face around the jaw
and checks areas; although it has been know to affect the forehead and eye area as well. The pain normally only occurs
on one side of the face but again it can occur on both sides. The only symptom on this type of Neuralgia is the pain.

The pain can last for a few seconds on a few minutes and there can be pauses of anything from a few minutes to hours or
days between attacks. There is no constant pain although a dull aching may linger for a while after the main attack.
There are certain trigger points on some people that can cause an attack and if these areas are touched no matter how
gently the pain will return.

Neuralgia is a type of chronic pain and because the attack do not come at any specific time it can be hard for a doctor
to diagnose. Postherpetic Neuralgia is much easier to diagnose. Because of this Trigeminal Neuralgia has often been
diagnosed as migraines, musculoskeletal problems and even problems with the teeth.

Postherpetic Neuralgia occurs due to shingles which cause the nerves to become inflamed and infected. It is a persistent
pain and can continue for months and even years with out treatment. The pain of Postherpetic Neuralgia is a constant burning
with the occasional stabbing pain. This type is not restricted to one particular area as it will occur were ever the rash
appeared on the skin. The skin can be come very sensitive and itchy; any form of contact can irritate the area causing pain.

This condition can be eased by wearing loose clothing, cool baths, and ice-packs placed on the areas where the pain is occurring.

Doctors will prescribe medications such as paracetamol to help ease the pain and capsicum cream has been used as well.

The healing crystals that I would recommend are

Dendritic Agate, Carnelian, Kunzite, Lepidolite to treat the all over effects of Neuralgia.

For itchiness the crystals that will help heal are Azurite and Green Aventurine

Shingles (as this is a cause) the healing crystal Fluorite

Pain Relief will be helped by Dendritic Agate, Chevron Amethyst, Charoite, Dioptase, Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli,
Smokey Quartz and Turquoise.

These are just a few of the healing crystals that can be used to help heal this condition.

Remember to always cleans and program the crystals for the healing of the particular condition.

You can find more healing crystals and also how to cleans and program the crystals on my site and in my books.

Love and Light

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Q.I have had a constant cough for a couple of months now and nothing seems to be helping
what crystals would you suggest.

A. Hematite,Rose Quartz and Sunstone
are all great crystals for coughs, but for persistant coughs Amber, Aquamarine and Topaz
will probably suit you better. If the cough is caused say from Bronchitis Malachite, Hematite and
would be of benefit here. If the cough is caused by another conditon you could also try
the healing crystals associated with that condition.

Q.My sister has a young son who is very hyperactive and wearing her out is there a crystal that you
could recommend that would slow him down even just a little bit would help.

A. Any red crystal will help a child that is hyperactive also red clothing as well some of the crystals you could
try are Garnet, Ruby, Red Tiger Eye, Green Aventurine
also some of the grounding crystals will work well
Amber,Hematite, Jasper, Jet, some mental calming healing crystals would be Calcite, Labradorite and Sodalite
for emotional calm I would suggest Amazonite, Bloodstone, Red Jasper Smokey Quartz. I would suggest that the
mother could try some of these crystals as well they will help to calm her nerves and perhaps for stress I would suggest that she try Hematite especially Magnetic Hematite playing with Magnetic Hematite is a great stress reliever.
Hope this helps my nephew was hyperactive as a child as well and I sympathise with your sister.

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