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Crystal Healing for Men
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello Everyone

Good Moring, Afternoon or Evening.

Don't faint this months newsletter is early (wonders will never cease).There is a lot of information this month
with two articles on crystal healing. So put some time aside to read this months edition. I am finally getting
organised. I had a lovely weekend the kids all came around for tea last night for Mothers Day and you should
see my car all decked out in new seat covers and floor mats and guess what the design is "A Dragon" I just
love them. All I need know is the number plate with Crystal Dragon on it and I will be set. The weather here
is getting colder we had our first frost of the season on Saturday but the rain is still not make an appearance

In a few weeks Jeff and I will be going on a weeks break up to Queensland. We are calling in to see family and
friends, but we are also going to go and do a little bit of fossicking for crystals and gemstones. We will be
taking the video and still cameras with us so I will try to get some footage of us digging in the dirt looking
for and hopefully finding some crystals. Ross my wonderrful crystal dealer is going to give me some locations
to try so you never know what we might find.

I noticed a lot of you took up the birthday offer, I know you will enjoy the books and find them very helpful. I
will be leaving the offer up for a little bit longer as I know people have other things that take priority and
I would not like anyone to miss out.

You will have noticed that the last two issues have not had any question and answer sections. I have one this
month. So if you have anything you would like to know about just drop me a line and I will answer it for you.

Also if you would like me to write an article on any thing in particular then let me know.

O.K. that's it for now will let you get on with your reading. Until next time. Love and Light

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Birthstones/crystals are different to Astrological Star Sign Crystals in that they relate to the month of Birth rather
A lot of men feel uncomfortable with crystals healing not because they don't believe in it more they do not wish to be
the butt of jokes and ridicule and also they do not wish to appear weak. Thank the Universe that this is changing and
more and more men are starting to take and interest in crystals and their healing properties.

There a number of Crystals and Gemstones that can be of benefit for men and help them with issues that arise in the
areas of physical health, emotional health and spiritual health.

I will only touch on a few of the more common conditions in this article as there could be a whole book on this subject

One of the things about Crystals and Gemstones for men is in the wearing of them, for women that is quite easy jewellery
is a great way to do this, men on the other hand can be limited due to workplace personal preferences etc. I would suggest
that for men you could perhaps try a ring with the Crystal or Gemstone set in to it, usually a birthstone is used here and
this method works fine if you wish to keep just one crystal with you for a long period of time, but is a little expensive
and impractical if you only wish to use the crystal or gemstone for a short period of time. Perhaps the best method would
be more suitable. Place a small crystal in your pocket or wallet to keep with you at all times. At work you can place it
on your desk or work area and it will appear to be just an ornament always keep safety in mind when placing Crystals in
this type of environment. If the man is comfortable he could wear a bracelet maybe just set with one crystal or more
depending on how comfortable the person feels. If you are in a vehicle for the better part of your day then you may wish
to place your Crystal or Gemstone on the consol or in the glove box. If you leave it on the dashboard make sure that you
secure it firmly to stop it becoming a missile in case of an accident or sudden stop.

I will list a few of the issues that can affect men and then a list of Crystals/Gemstones that will help with these
problems. Remember this is not the full list of crystals or conditions but they are some of the more common ones.

  • Aggression
  • Allergies
  • Colon Cancer
  • Communication
  • Confidence
  • Depression
  • Frustration
  • Hair Loss
  • Impotence
  • Kidney Disorders
  • Liver Conditions
  • Male Menopause
  • Prostate Enlarge
  • Repressed Feelings
  • Sensitivity
  • Self Expression
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Ulcers

  • BOTSWANA AGATE: This healing Crystal aids with Stress and depression enhances creativity. Stimulates Crown Chakra
    assist with releasing repressed emotions lets us look for the solution to a problem. Also enhances our attentiveness and
    helps us to be forthright. The healing properties help the healing of The Central Nervous System, Depression and can be
    used for removing toxins from the body.

    LAGUNA AGATE: This crystal helps to provide flexibility in our lives, is very useful in mathematical endeavours.
    Its healing properties are very good for helping one return from the depths and despair of depression. This healing
    crystal also helps us to continue to dream it stimulates our precision. It healing properties have helped with disorders
    of the colon and lower digestive tract and vitamins A and D and zinc absorption by the body.

    ARAGONITE: You can use this healing crystal to help overcome anger and stress, it helps to provide us with
    patience and also to accept responsibilities, this crystal enhances our reliability and also our practicality. Its healing
    properties have been used to aid in the healing of general aches and pains chills wrinkles and weathered skin also hair
    loss and can be used as a "Spring Tonic".

    BLOODSTONE: The healing properties of this crystal can help us to become centered. It is know as the
    "Crystal of Courage" it enhances friendships and provides us with grounding when needed. It also enhances our adaptability
    and unselfishness this crystal will bring harmony into our lives as well as wisdom and sensitivity it will help to banish
    bewilderment. The healing properties of this crystal have been used for conditions of the spleen as a toxin neutralizer for
    rashes and in the treatment of leukemia.

    CARNELIAN: Removal of negative energy can be undertaken with this crystal, it has been used to provide protection
    against envy fear and rage. It can help to banish apathy and indolence and can bring compassion to any situation. Its
    healing properties have been used to assist in the healing of allergies, colds, gall stones, impotency and neuralgia.

    FLUORITE: This crystals properties assist us with our concentration and impartiality. It is know as the
    "Crystal of Discernment" and is a great crystal to use in group situations it also helps us with our relationships and also
    to release repressed feelings. Its healing properties have been used to aid in the healing of ulcers, herpes staph
    infections and RNA/DNA damage.

    JADE: this is the "Crystal of Fidelity" it is also know as the "dream crystal" so it assists us in solving what
    our dreams are all about. This crystals properties enhance harmony and wisdom brings with it self-assuredness and
    self-sufficiency it also enhances our confidence and helps to release repressed emotions. The healing benefits of this
    crystal can help with disorders of the kidneys and spleen help smooth the skin and stimulate healthy hair.

    LAPIS LAZULI: This crystal helps to balance the Third Eye Chakra and provide insight into our dreams. It enhances
    our ability to communicate. This crystals healing powers also help us with depression and bring us serenity and
    self acceptance it also very useful when dealing with relationships. The healing properties have been used to assist with
    disorders of the throat, bone marrow and also repairing damage to RNA/DNA.

    MOONSTONE: New beginnings are associated with this crystal this is a very balancing energy and encourages us to
    wish and hope for what we truly want in life. It provides us with insight enhances our perception and assists with decision
    making. It is a great crystal for removing negativity from the Chakras and its healing properties have been used to temper
    aggression and brings calmness with it. It stimulates confidence and diplomacy the powers of this crystal have been used
    to provide protection for the traveler. The healing properties are used to assist in rejuvenating the body in the areas of
    the eyes hair and skin it is also a good crystal to have during childbirth.

    SMOKEY QUARTZ: This is a wonderful healing crystal and can help us to dissolve negative energies and remove
    emotional blockages. Balances the yin-yang energies Smokey Quartz is great for grounding and protection enhances our
    survival instincts. It healing qualities can be used to help overcome suicidal tendencies promote pride and joy in
    ourselves and our lives. This is the "Crystal of Co-operation" and is very helpful in group and team work. Congestion and
    disorders of the hands and feet have been helped by this crystals healing properties.

    SAPPHIRE: This crystal can help rid us of unwanted thoughts it is the "Crystal of Prosperity" it brings joy and
    beauty into our lives provides us with intuition and peace of mind. Eliminate frustration and help to fulfill our dreams.
    The healing powers have been used to assist in the healing of disorders of the blood cellular disorders and excessive bleeding.

    STROMBOLITE: This crystal can bring cohesiveness to our lives enhance communication and openness it stimulates
    the Crown Chakra and helps us maintain our dignity in difficult times and situations. This crystal also provides us with
    grounding and is excellent for meditation. It enhances our generosity and love. The healing powers of this crystal can
    help with enlarged prostate osteoporosis disorders of the liver and eyes and also Bruxism.

    BLUE TOURMALINE: Activates the Throat Chakra and so enhances our communication skills and allows us the ability
    of self expression it provides us with harmony and enhances our intuition. Opens our psychic awareness and allows us to
    communicate with the higher realms. The healing properties of this crystal have been used to benefit disorders of the
    throat and larynx also the thymus and thyroid and also the eyes and brain.

    ZINCITE: The powers of this crystal can stimulate your personal power and creativity remove energy blockages is
    very good for group and team work gathering those of like mind together aids in relationships. The healing properties can
    help improve the skin and hair treat disorders of the prostate gland.

    You can find more crystals in my books.

    Love and Light

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    Bruxism is a medical term used to describe clenching and grinding of the teeth. It affects both adults and children.

    There is no definite answer as to what causes Bruxism there are schools of thought that it could be due to lack of
    symmetry of the teeth, while others say it reflects a persons anxiety or perhaps digestive problems or even disturbed
    sleep or perhaps a disorder of the central nervous system.

    It is caused by reflex chewing and this is not a learned habit chewing is a natural activity. When a person is sleeping
    the reflex part of the brain is active whereas the brain control is inactive this results in a chewing action that is
    abnormal and is called Bruxism.

    Bruxism often happens when sleeping even if the person is taking just a short nap.

    In a typical occurrence the incisors are moved against the canines in a lateral motion (side to side) this wears down the
    tooth enamel. It can effect biting by removing and flattening the sharp edges of the teeth. It is one of the most common
    sleep disorders and is believed to effect between 30 and 40 million Americans alone on a nightly basis.

    The pressure that is exerted on the teeth during a Bruxism episode ranges from 100-600 psi (pounds per square inch) this
    is an amazing amount of pressure. Everyone does this, though on a different scale some maybe so low that they never
    notice anything where the extreme cases can cause a number of problems.

    The problems Bruxism causes can be jaw pain headaches, teeth that are already suffering from decay (from another source)
    may collapse, teeth may become sensitive you could find gums receding loose teeth bony ridges cheek irritations and sore
    cheek and temple muscles, teeth can also become chipped, erosion of the biting surface and cracking of the teeth.

    There are a couple of healing crystals that will help with this problem. You should keep them either under your pillow
    or beside your bed as this is something that occurs while sleeping there is no need to carry the crystal with you all
    the time although if you wish to you can. Be sure to program the crystals for aiding with the healing of Bruxism
    prior to use.

    Gehlenite: Enhances optimism awakens the practical side of your nature brings a happy disposition stimulates
    circulation and well being.

    Strombolite: Brings love and generosity provides us with grounding aligns the Chakras enhances peace and happiness.
    It is very good for transferring energy from the healer to the receiver.



    Q.What Crystals would you recommend for Diabetes

    A.There are a number of Crystals for this condition the most easily obtained are: Emerald Fluorite Herkimer Diamond
      Malachite Serpentine
    (Others can be found in Crystal Vibrations Ailments)

    Q.Can you recommend some Crystals for assisting with Ulcers

    A. Ulcers can be caused by a number of things, diet stress etc there best healing crystals would be Azurite and Malachite
      Chrysocolla Fluorite Peridot Sunstone once again there are others and you can find them in my book.

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