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Healing Crystals for Letting Go of the Past and Moving On
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello Everyone

Late again but I have a good excuse; I have been out buying crystals which I will be putting on the site for sale. I am going
to concentrate mainly on things like, Worry Stones, Pendulums, Massage Wands and items like that; there will be a few small
tumbled stones later down the track. I have hand picked all the crystals that I purchased and when you order I will hand pick
the exact crystal for you.

Anyway I have lots of information for you all this month. Firstly I have finally got the video finished. (O.K. I can hear the
we don't believe it's from here). If you go to the website you will see the infomercial that I have put up on Google Vide and
Yahoo Video and will be putting up on other Video hosting sites later.

It is for my Crystal Healing Grid Kit. You will find this kit an invaluable tool in your crystal healing work. The video is a
little grainy but that is because it is a feed from Yahoo Video. I have the DVD in both PAL and NTSC formats so when ordering
make sure to put in your country so that I can send you the correct format.

Also I have sourced out some audio books that I believe will be of interest to most of you. I now have access to a very large
range of these books and will be putting new ones on the site about every one to two weeks. I will also have some new books
in the Crystal Book Shop in the next couple of weeks as well will let you all know when I add something new to the stock.

I hope you are all well, with the changing of the seasons many of us get colds, hay fever and other seasonal conditions
depending on where you live. We are just starting to go into our autumn. We have had one of the driest summers on record,
I will be putting up some photos in "Where I Live" in the next few days so that you can see how dry things have been, you
can compare photos from now to previous to see the difference. I will write more on this in an article attached to the photos
also have an update on the Giant Redwoods as well.

I know that there has been some problems with my autoresponders in sending out the newsletter and other emails, the problem
has been with my hosting service and with me a little bit, but I believe that we have got it all sorted out.

You will also notice that I have had to change the contact information at the bottom of this newsletter and also on my site.
This is due to spammers, the amount of spam I was getting was taking me about 3 hours per day to sort through and it was just
getting worse everyday, if I had done nothing about it then I may have lost whole days just sorting through it. The temptation was
great to just delete everything, but then I would have missed some important emails so I have been forced to take this step.
You will see that the addresses for contact are now photos and you will have to manually type in the email addresses, I am sorry
about this I am really ticked off as it is an inconvenience that you should not have to bear. If you wish to contact me the
easiest way is to use the comments boxes on the bottom of most pages of the website. There is a verification code that again is
to stop the spammers (working beautifully on my blog) this method will get to me almost immediately as I am notified every time
someone leaves a comment.

I think that that is enough for now, so please enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

Thats all for now I hope that you enjoy this months newsletter.

Love and Light

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Don't forget to use the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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We all have things that have made us angry, upset, depressed, lose our self-confidence and a whole lot more. Things that
have happened to us in the past, but somehow we just don't seem to be able to let go of them. They keep raising their ugly
heads continually and seem to drag us down to those same feelings that we had when we first experienced the problem.

This past conditioning keeps us from becoming how we should be, stops us from having the success and happiness in our lives
that we want and deserve. Because we keep thinking about these feelings we keep ourselves in that feeling never really
breaking free.

You know what I mean, a disagreement you had with someone that you felt you did not win or satisfactorily resolve, keeps
playing over and over in your head. Or you hold resentment to a person because of events that occurred. You do not seem to
be able to move on and let go.

These feelings often make us sick in the stomach, give us headaches, brings back the exact same feelings and emotions that
occurred during the original event. We don't want or need these in our lives, and we need to let them go and move on.

Saying that it is not as easy as it sounds. I know from personal experience that letting go and not replaying past events
is hard to do. You need to first acknowledge that you have still got strong feelings about the event and that you have not
let it go even though you may say that you have. Once you recognize that you need to do something then you have started on
the right path.

What can you do that will help you resolve these issues. Well you can confront them; you would play them over in your mind
and see what it is about the event that is upsetting you what particular thing is triggering these feelings and emotions.
This is sometimes not easy and may take a little time to work out what the issues are.

Once you have found out what the issues are then you can set about removing them. You can use crystals to help in this area.
If the event made you feel angry then you would use

Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli, Mica and other healing crystals to help with this emotion.

If you feel depressed then you could try the healing crystals Moss Agate, Chrysoprase, Jet, Sunstone or Topaz
there are other crystals that will help as well.

If the event made you feel small and insignificant the these Crystals healing properties will be of benefit to you. Agate,
Bloodstone, Garnet, Sodalite
and others are what you will need.

The above crystals will help with the particular problems, but sometimes we cannot put our finger on the exact cause of the
problem and do not know what crystals to use. In that case I would recommend that you try these Black Calcite, Citrine,
Danburite and Smokey Quartz.
All these healing crystals are great for helping us let go of the past.

You can also meditate when using any of these or other crystals it will help you relax and it is easier to let go of things
when you are relaxed and not tensed as you would normally be when thinking about these feelings and events.

When you choose your crystals make sure that you program them to remove the feelings and emotions that you no longer want.
When using the crystals for letting go of the past you can either concentrate on one event at a time or you can ask the
crystal to remove all of the negative issues from your past.

Remember the most important aspect of this is to really want to let go of these things, make your intent clear, sometimes
it is hard to let go of these feelings and emotions they have in most cases been with us for a long time and we have gotten
comfortable with them in a manner of speaking, so it can be like letting go of a big part of ourselves and this takes
determination and will power.

We can change our lives to be whatever we want to be we just need to believe and want the changes to happen and they will.
I can speak from personal experience that this is the case. It does not happen overnight (although with some things it can)
you need to work at it a little bit, but it will happen and then you will wonder why you keep these things with you for so long.
Don't feel guilty about this, it is a natural part of life and we learn from these things just be grateful that these things
are no longer in you life and forget about them and move on to a happier and healthier life.

You can find more crystals to help you in my books.

Love and Light

P.S. If you want a really good pick-me-up, Take the crystal of your chose find a sheltered spot outside (if its cold) in
the sun if its shining and just close your eyes and hold onto your crystal just let the sounds, smell and feel of nature
and if the suns out let all these things fill your being let go of all thoughts and feelings and feel how wonderful you will
start to feel. I have just this minute walked back inside from doing just that. Things have been a little fraught around here
and I really needed to do something. I just sat on the bench in the garden and let the sun and the crystal go to work.
I found a little tear run down my cheek but I immediately started to feel better. I watched the ants and a spider for a while
and continued to let the sun, the crystal and nature do their work. I feel really great now and I just had to pass this method
on to all of you. Even if it's snowing rug up and go outside for a few minutes I was only out there for about five minutes and
that all I needed. Go on give it a try, let me know how you feel afterwards.

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