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Issue #13. 17th, October 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Well it's that time of the month again, and again I am running late how about we just say that the newsletter will be out around the
15th of the month and leave it at that.Now a couple of things to get out of the way first. I am now connected to Skype, for anyone
who does not know what Skype is, it is a way of communicating personally with people over the internet. It is FREE and all you have to do is
go to their website and download the free program.(I am not getting any kickbacks from this). I have joined so that if anyone
wants to talk to me they can, it is similar to using the telephone except you have a headset with a microphone, you can also use a webcam if
both parties have one, which I do. I think it is a great idea as sometimes people need to connect on a more personal level. My Skype address or
phone number is CrystalHealingVibrations just like it is no spaces and the capitals where they are. Now as I am in Australia we will need
to organise a time for the calls to take place, just a little bit of give and take on both sides and things should work fine. By the way we can
also do conference calls on Skype as well. Now the comments boxes are up and running on most pages left out pages like the archives index and
such, but they rest have comments boxes. I mediate all the comments before they go to the site to prevent any offensive material from appearing
there so if you wonder why your comment does not appear immediately this is the reason. I will also reply to you via the comments boxes unless
you request a private email.

Things have been pretty hectic around here again this month, my video camera is supposed to land in Australia on the 18th October 2006
(keep your fingers crossed), I should be able to get the crystal grid video up and running very soon after I receive the camera, they tell me
about the 20th to 21st we'll see.

Have any of you visited the blog yet, I am putting articles there that are not on the website as such, so take a look so that you don't miss
something of interest. No guest writer this month just plain old me. There are a couple of new articles up on the site and one by a guest writer as well.
I am hoping to have some interesting developments to the site over the next couple of months so keep an eye out.

Thats all for now I hope that you enjoy this months newsletter.

Love and Light

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Taking Responsibility

I had a client come to me the other day and say that she needed a crystal and maybe some flower essences to help her with coping with all the
responsibility that she had.

I asked her what type of responsibilities were causing her the problems, as I thought perhaps something to help her for being overwhelmed by her
responsibilities like the Aquamarine or Gold. This is a good reason why you should ask a few questions first, as it turned out it was not her
responsibilites that were causing the trouble, it was the people around her, she was feeling guilty because people around her were angry and unhappy
and she felt that she should be able to to something about it.

Firstly we can not take responsiblity for other peoples feelings and reactions, we own our own feelings and reactions not anybody elses. This was
making her feel inadequate and angry . She felt that she was not living up to what other people thought she should be doing and because she knew
that was not what she wanted she was getting angry, frustrated and feeling guilty and helpless about the situation.

Now my client felt that unless she resolved these issues she could not move on with her life, she want to move out of the town that she is living in,
but thinks everyone must be happy before she can move on. Now to me we cannot change other people unless they themselves want to change
and even then we do not change them. I advised her that perhaps she was trying to solve problems that were not hers to solve and that
she should look at why she felt that she had to solve these problems.

After chatting for a while longer it became apparent to my client that these peoples problems where not caused by my client and she felt that
because they were unhappy they were trying to make her unhappy too.(this is my clients conclusion not mine as I did not know the others involved
I had no intention of making any assumptions in this area). You should always let the client talk and listen to what they are saying a lot of the
time the client will tell you the real reason behind what is going on and most of the time I find that they will have a light blub moment as they
see for themselves what is happening. This to me is the best kind of healing session, because the we can then use the right healing crystals to
help with the healing process.

My client and I decided that what she needed was something to help her say that these problems were not hers and that she was not going to take
responsibility for them. We needed a crystal to help with the "feelings of guilt" and for "taking responsibility for her own feelings" to help
her be "independent" of others attitudes. I also recommended that perhaps a crystal for "protection" would help. Sometimes people need help getting
to where they want to go. Once my client begins refusing to take on other peoples problems she will be providing her own protection from them, but
to start with something physical can help give people more confidence in what they are doing.

In this case I recommended three healing crystals for her, I usually do not like to
recommend to many crystals as they can be come awkward to carry aroung.

Feelings of Guilt Chiastolite
Taking Responsibility
for herself
Protection Mahogany Obsidian

I have listed a few other crystals below that may be of help

Feelings of Guilt Taking Responsibility
for Yourself
Apatite Aquamarine
Chrysocolla Hemimorphite

You can find more Healing Crystals for these emotions in Crystal Vibrations Emotions

Love and Light



Q.  Could you recommend some crystals that will help heal despair, I have a friend who is in desperate need.

A.  You could try Celestite, Iron Pyrite or Sugilite all these have helped treat emotional despair in the past.

Q.  I could use a crystal to help bring harmony to a group that I am currently working with it if very fractured at
and nothing is getting done.

A.  To bring Harmony I would suggest the healing crystals Amythest, Moonstone, Blue Tourmaline. I would also suggest
that for co-operation the following crystals could help Ametrine, Smokey Quartz and Zircon.

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