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Issue #12. 17th, September 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hi and Welcome.

Now to explain why this newsletter will be delivered online from now on. As you know we have been having problems with the delivery of the newsletter. My service provider told me that it was something that I was doing and I would have to send it out only in text format. Well that was not very appealing to me as I could not include graphics and such and I have some ideas that I want to incorporate into the newsletter in the future. As it turned out it was not something that I was doing at all. Someone had uploaded a list to the site and it caused all sorts of problems. Even so for the following reasons I will deliver the newsletter online and notify you via email.

Also what with email services changing their spam filters constantly. Newsletters in html format are getting blocked for all sorts of reasons. As an example because most spammers are trying to sell you products to make money, a lot of services are blocking email's that have the word money in them, especially if they come in html format.

Another problem with using html code is that the email services block them as spammers can add links into the text that directs people to sites where they can sell them. And this may be against the direct wishes of the person receiving the email. So the service providers block email's for all sorts of reasons. And I have no other option(at the moment) than to send you and email and let you know that the newsletter is on line.

Lets see how it works and maybe we will all gain from the change.

Now I am sorry but the newsletter is late again. Boy if I was in school would I be getting a lot of detention. The other day I was working on my computer when it froze, so I did all the normal things and nothing happened, so I closed it down using the old reliable push button method. After leaving it sit for a couple of minutes, I tried to turn it back on, no go just typical when there is a lot of work to be done. Anyway I rang Scott my daughters partner and my computer expert and when the things he suggested did not work, we knew the problem was greater than just a freeze out. Guess who hadn't backed up her computer for a couple of weeks. The power supply turned out to be the problem, so Scott replaced it and away we went. Good things do happen I had not lost any of my information. But did I do a backup straight away NO!! not me. Anyway I worked away and forgot about backup. Then I get an email talking about how to cope when things go wrong. One of the things was make regular backups Well I'm not thick(not much anyway) I got the message and backed up my records.(takes time for the light to go on sometimes). Anyway we are now up and running again.

Now for all of you who do not know I have set up my own blog on my site, not the one that was there previously. This one allows me to post to it regularly and to control what comments are posted on the blog. You will find articles and information on the blog that I do not put anywhere else on the site so check it out, you might miss something if you don't for example the blog contains the story of the plight of the Giant Redwoods in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens and how I am using crystals to try and help them heal. So go and have a look and let me know what you think if you have any suggestions on crystals, herbs or anything that you think might help please leave a comment or just comment on what you find there.

There will be no guest author this month sorry, unfortunately the person who was writing the article was unable to finish it and could not let me know until it was too late to get a replacement.(anyway this editorial is big enough as it is)

I have added a script to my site(not quite working at this point in time some little bugs to iron out) it should be up and running in the next few hours(fingers crossed). It will allow my visitors to comment on any page on my site. There will be a comments box at the bottom of each page and the last five comments will be displayed there as well. Other comments can be accessed by clicking on the view all link. You will be able to leave a comment on what you think of a crystal in the healing photo gallery or ask a question about a layout.

I have included this as I know that I sometimes would like to ask a question or make a comment as I am reading the information and nine times out of ten by the time I leave the site I have forgotten what I was going to ask or even that I was going to ask something. I will send you an email when it is up and running, but check when you next visit to see if it is there.

I hope that you enjoy this months newsletter.

Love and Light

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P.S. If you no longer want to receive this newsletter just use the link in the email that I send you to notify you of the newsletter being online.(I'm not that bad am I) Don't forget to use the comments box at the bottom of the page.

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As I am sure most of you know we lost a great Australian this month in the form of Steve Irwin, what a lot will not know is that we also lost another high profile Australian Peter Brock he was a touring car champion without peers in this country and will be sadly missed by a lot of people. Steve Irwin's death on the other hand sent shockwave's around the globe. I still tear up when thinking about him and his family. It took us here in Australia a while to warm to Steve, a lot of us have lost the ability to appreciate our uniqueness in the world and try to fit in with everyone else. Things like Cricky and Bonza have made a lot of people cringe here, so Steve was thought to be a bit over the top, but people soon realised that here was a genuine down to earth bloke who cared deeply about his family, the environment, the wildlife and Australia. We took him into our hearts and lives and once again started to be proud of the things that make us uniquely Australian. When I was a little girl Steve's way of talking was commonplace, and I am glad to say that strine as it is know is slowly creeping back into our everyday lives.

The outpouring of grief has been overwhelming and many are finding it hard to come to terms with their grief. This is not confined to these two deaths, it happens every time someone loses someone close to them. How do we cope, how do we grieve, shouldn't we just get on with it. I do not have the answers to all the questions, but for me grieving is beneficial it allows us to express how we feel about the person who has died.

There are a number of healing crystals that can help us cope and grieve and come to terms with death. I will list some of them for you and how they can help. I have been calling on some of these the last month I can tell you.

Firstly the shock of the death even if it is expected(long illness)hits people hard, no matter how prepared we are it still shocks us that it has happened, death is so final, no going back no more changes. I think this is one of the reasons we find it so hard to cope with. We then have the sense of loss the grieving period where we contemplate the persons life and our lives without them. The next phase is letting go and moving on. This is not to say that we forget them or that we do not miss them and are sad, but most of us know that we have to go on and continue with our lives. I believe that the person who has died would not want us to curl up in a corner and stop living our lives, to me this is a betrayal of their memory(this is just my thoughts here).

Healing Crystals that can help with shock/trauma/death are:
Chrysanthemum Stone
Water Opal

Crystals for helping heal the depression that comes with death are:
Botswanna Agate
Black Calcite
Lapis Lazuli
Lithium Quartz

Healing Grief with these Crystals
Rose Quartz
Fire Opal
Apache Tear Obsidian

Melancholia will be helped with these Healing Crystals
Iron Pyrite

Crystals for Mourning

The pain of Separation can be helped with this Healing Crystal
Herkimer Diamond

And for Sorrow try these Healing Crystals

To choose a healing crystal for you the best way is to look at the crystals and see which one appeals to you. If you do not have any of these crystals, but wish to purchase one just look at the crystal names on this page and the one that is right for you will come into your mind. There are many more crystals to help with these and other obstacles that you will come across, these are just some ideas to get you started. You will find more in my books if none of these resonate with you.

I sincerely hope that you do not need these crystals but unfortunately at sometime we all find ourselves in this situation. May these healing crystals make your journey a little easier. Love and Light

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Q.I would like to place a crystal on my television to help stop the emissions coming from it what can you recommend

A. Citrine is always good to use around any appliance that emits radiation,But Unakite is especially good for TV emissions

Q. I would like to know what crystals could be used to help in my healing work.

A. I use a number of healing crystals but there are two that are very good to work with Blue Tourmaline will help keep you protected and enhance your healing abilities. If you work with Reiki then the very best crystal for you is Zeolite, I use this one myself.

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