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Issue #11. 15th, August 2006    ISSN: 1833-0010
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FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM(Healing Crystals and how they helped me)
How To Have A Great Day Every Day
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Welcome to Crystal Dragon Rumblings.

Hello everyone,

All I seem to be doing lately is apologising to you, The videos for the site have hit a little snag, if you have not read "What's New" on the website lately you will not know that the camera decided that it was not going to part with my video on the Crystal Healing Grid. No matter what we did, we tried talking to it nicely, promised it all sorts of wonderful treats, nothing, threatened it with the rubbish bin still nothing. The camera would not give up its treasure. I finally had to admit defeat and decided to purchase another camera, believe it or not after hunting around to find the one that would suit my purpose the best and deciding to purchase it, not one in the country have to wait a couple of weeks, could have gotten another model, but it was just not quite what I needed. Needless to say the video is on hold for the moment, the universe must not want the video to go out at the moment, anyway it will be worth the wait.

Have had a little more time this month, opened up two new photo galleries and added a new article for you. Will be adding a couple of new layouts this month as well. Also look out for "Where I Live" we have a couple of things happening in Ballarat this month and I will post them on the site for any who are interested. The dust is not quite so thick at the moment and the ironing is done, well a least for today anyway.

I have added a translator to the site, gives us 8 extra languages(you need special character sets for the Korean, Japanese and Chinese Scripts you just get little boxes without them, but unless you want to translate into one of these no need to bother). Would love to know what you think of this feature.

Our guest writer this month is Wambui Bahati (Miss Inspiration) is a professional inspirational and motivational speaker and entertainer. I just loved this piece and had to share it with you all, please try it out it does work wonders.

I would like to ask you all to take a little time this month to send a little bit of love and Crystal Healing to all the trouble spots in the World. I think we are running a bit low in the love department at the moment.

I hope that you enjoy this months newsletter.

Don't forget to use the comments box at the bottom of the page.

Love and Light

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(Healing Crystals and how they helped me)

We all have dreams, desires, hopes and plans. Some are easy to achieve and others not so easy. I have found that the ones that bring the most reward (not necessarily monetary) are the ones that take effort on our part to follow through on.

We seem to find obstacles in our path at every turn, we begin to wonder if we are doing the right thing, I mean wouldn't it be easier to just let the dream go and we can always say well it was not meant to be, who's going to argue with that. But do you really believe in your dream, is it what you want in your heart of hearts, can you feel it in your bones (boy a lot of clichés here).

There will be people telling you that your goal is unrealistic, that nobody wants what you have to offer, there are too many of a similar type out there already, don't waste your time, do something easier or best of all nothing at all. Do these things sound familiar, you may have even said them to yourself, I know that I have especially when things have gotten me down and my dream seemed further away than ever.

But let me tell you do not give up to easily on your dream, it may not always work out exactly as you envisage, but if you preserver it will work out in some shape or form.

Let me explain, you all know that I have written two Crystal Healing books and plan on at least three or four more (the number is growing by the day), well my journey was not a smooth path. First off when I first thought of the idea of putting the knowledge that I had gained down on paper, it was very daunting, there was the gathering of the information, collating it and the putting it down so that others would find it easy and helpful, could have stopped right there when I looked at the amount of work that lay ahead.

Why didn't I, well for a couple of reasons, my gut was telling me that I had to do this, or more precisely the crystals were in my ear non-stop about doing this. Once I had mentioned the idea to a few people, I discovered that there was a need for this type of information and I felt like I would be letting a lot of people down if I did not continue to with this project.

Just getting the information together was a task in itself. First I had to find all the information that I had written down over the years and if I was going to do this properly I would need to add as much information as I could get my hands on. Here is where my first practical use of the crystals came in. It took a lot of perseverance to keep going so I used Aventurine and Labradorite to help get me back on track whenever I felt myself wavering, I would just sit and meditate with one or both Healing Crystals for a while and could return to my work with renewed enthusiasm. Once I had collected and written up all the information, the next task was to get it published, boy was I naïve, I thought everyone would jump at the chance to publish my book, yeh right, nobody was the slightest bit interested, I got some lovely letters back saying they thought there was a market for the book, but it was not quite what they were looking for. I was very discouraged at this point, I felt deep in my soul that these books needed to be written and made available to everyone, but how was I going to get them out there. I decided that being down and gloomy was not helping my cause so I decided that a positive attitude was the go, easier said than done, so back to the crystals for help, my daughter had given me a piece of Siderite for my birthday so I called on its abilities to help get me up and going again, I also used Reiki to help as well.

It was like the universe was on my side, one of the publishers that I had sent my book to was not a publisher at all but a printer and they said that if I considered self publishing that they could help me out with printing the book. I had not consider this option before and believed that it would be too expensive to print myself. Anyway I decided to look into it and again the universe stepped in a took control, I lost the letter, but thought that I remembered the name of the printer, looked them up on the internet and got in touch with them, they are the most wonderful people you could imagine, the lady that helped me get things going was even interested in crystals and the healing abilities. To cut a long story short (bit late for that now). I got Crystal Vibrations Ailments printed and again thought that I would have no trouble getting it into bookshops, down to earth again. Out came the crystals again I asked for some guidance on what to do next and where to go. I had already started a website to let people know about the book and to pass on information about crystal healing that I could not fit into the book itself, I also wanted to be able to communicate with people to find out what they wanted and how I could help. I decided with the help of some prodding from the crystals to put the book up on the website and sell it myself, someone at already suggested that I make it into an ebook, but I had rejected this idea as I did not have a clue how to go about doing this, anyway again the universe stepped in and the ebook was born. It is going very nicely thank you this way, selling mainly ebook format as people want information instantly today. When I wrote the second book Crystal Vibrations Emotions, I immediately brought it out as an ebook, but thought I would give the publishers another go, a bit more interest this time but again no real takers, although there are still a couple out there that have not said no yet!.

I have decided that all my books will be ebooks first and foremost, it was amazing when I made this decision I could swear I heared cheering from the crystals, I got a sense of at last she finally gets it.

I suppose you are wondering where I have been going with this, well I explain things better with examples especially my own. I could have given up at any stage in the process and no-one would have thought any less of me, most of my family and friends thought it was great that I even thought about writing a book let alone doing it, but I would have known that I had let myself down. My dream was to write these books so that everyone who wanted to could get this information easily. It did not work out exactly as I had first imagined it too, I think it is probably even better this way, I have learnt a lot, not to give up on a dream too soon, to believe in myself and that there is always a crystal ready to help in any situation, no matter what, sometimes we forget this and just think about the usual ways in which crystals are used for healing, we under use these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth.

If you have a dream, don't give up at the first hurdle preserver ask for help from the crystals, friends, family and even drop me an email, I'll help if I can. You can have your dreams you just need to keep on trying. I have listed a few crystals that may help you if you find yourself faltering, I hope you enjoy this article, have I wandered off the path again and rambled on. Remember you can achieve your dreams, after all as the saying goes what the mind can imagine the mind can create in reality (not exactly word for word but you know what I mean). If I had given up on my dream I would not be here talking to you now(some might say that's a good thing), I would probably just be teaching crystal healing to a few people a year and though that is very rewarding, I would not have made the wonderful new friends that I have and would not have had a whole new world open up to me. I would not have missed this journey for the world, and I hope you won't miss yours either.

Manifesting Dream: Red Chalcedony, Smokey Quartz

Achieving Goals: Cinnabar, Garnet, Hemimorphite, Platinum,Lodestone

Perseverance: Aventurine, Labradorite, Quartz, Picasso Stone

Positive Attitude: Basalt, Siderite, Black Tourmaline.

Self Belief: Sugilite

There are many more crystals to help with these and other obstacles that you will come across, these are just some ideas to get you started.

Love and Light

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How To Have A Great Day Every Day
(By Wambui Bahati)

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can have the greatest impact on our lives. Allow me to share this empowering, simple exercise with you. Perhaps you already know about it, or even use it already in your daily life. If you do, then you know how powerful this little exercise is and you are already experiencing joy every day.

I must admit that when I first heard this concept, I thought it was kind of silly. However, sometimes desperation will make us re-think silly things; at least it did in my case. I was angry, depressed and tired. The way I was dealing with everyday troubles was not working well for me, so I thought I’d give this a try. I had nothing to lose. I tried it and it worked like magic. I have since turned it into a game I play when things are not going my way:

If ever things are not going the way you had planned.
If ever you are having a challenging day.
If ever you don’t see a way out of a so-called “bad situation.”

If ever you are sad about something.
If ever you are feeling mad about something.
If ever you just feel like giving up.

Here’s the solution:

Say, “Thank You.”

Be still and think of all of the wonderful things you do have to be grateful for and say, “Thank you.”

Are you still breathing? Be thankful for that. Can you breathe without the aid of machines? Be thankful for that. Surely there is something for you to be grateful for.
Do you have two ears? Can you hear - even a little bit? Be grateful for that.
Can you walk? Can you talk? Did you eat today? Does someone care about you? Do you care about somebody?

Find that something or things that you can be thankful for and silently (or loudly, depending on where you are and who you are with) say, “Thank you Universe,” or “Thank you God,” or “Thank you God-in-me (or however you address the greatest infinite power) for these wonderful blessings!” Say it like you mean it.

Yes, you are counting your blessings. This is not a new idea; however few of us realize how potent the idea is. Focus on what is right in your life. Focus on what is good in your life. Be grateful for these things.

I promise you that one or all of these five things will happen when you create an Attitude of Gratitude:
1. The way you view the negative situation will change for the better.
2. The situation will change for the better.
3. The situation and the way you view it will change for the better.
4. Fear and anxiety will move out of your way.
5. You will experience a sense of calm that will allow you to think more clearly.
Try it. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Even if you are convinced you can’t think of anything to be thankful for, just say the words “thank you” repeatedly for at least a couple of minutes or more, either to yourself or out loud.

Teach your young children this exercise as a game. I call it the “Gratitude Game.” Let them take turns telling each other what they are thankful for. The gratitude game is a great game to play in place of a prayer or meditation before a meal. Children of all ages (this includes you) will benefit greatly from playing this game just before bedtime and/or first thing in the morning.

There is no way you can have a miserable day if you create an Attitude of Gratitude. Every day will be a great day!

About The Author: Wambui Bahati (Miss Inspiration) is a professional inspirational and motivational speaker and entertainer.
Her Passion: "Reminding You of Your Magnificence."



Q. What crystal could you use for someone who is learning a new skill and were feeling apprehensive about .

A. The best crystal that I could recommend is one that I use all the time in my classes and that is a Bridge Crystal. Mine is a Quartz Bridge Crystal and it works wonders, it not only allows me to get the message across to my students but allows them to understand and absorb what they are learning.

Q. What is the best crystal to help someone to become pregnant who has been trying for a long time and is having fertility treatment.

A. A great healing crystal would be Ruby, it should be held through out the procedure and carried through the pregnancy, Ruby helps to protect and nurture mother and baby through this process.

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